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Are your windows talking?

What do your windows say about your home? Are your windows covered or uncovered? As a window covering professional, I am always drawn to the window coverings in homes, commercial spaces, and on TV shows! 

Joan Miller

If I see a unique design or fabric somewhere, then I get a photo. There are dozens of photos on Pinterest and Houzz that reflect the character of the homeowner and the designer. 

There are a multitude of ready-made products out there if you know what you want in terms of design and color. We’ll talk about drapery panels since they are a popular and simple window treatment. One of the challenges is finding the right length. Drapery panels should be hung several inches above the window frame. The ceiling height and overall window height should determine drapery panel length. Proper length should look in perspective to the entire room size.

How do you choose fabric? I love pattern and color, but do you? Decorating style and color scheme in a home should be inspiration for fabric selection. If there are no patterns in the room, then look for some type of pattern in the fabric. A complementary pattern can be used with other patterns in a room if they work in harmony. If you’re afraid of too much color or pattern on your windows, solids with texture are an alternative. Use colorful pillows as accents.

Drapery hardware is an important part of the equation. Make sure the brackets that hold the pole have sufficient clearance for the fabric to hang past any existing blinds or shades. Choose a finish that coordinates with the fabric and or a fixture in the room. Keep in mind the diameter of the pole.  Does it fit with the overall scope of the room? Referencing pictures that you like will help you put it all together.