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Auditions to be held for Ghost Tour actors

Want to scare someone?

If so, the Snellville Arts Commission has a job for you. 

Snellville Ghost Tour

SAC is holding auditions for the Snellville Ghost Tours at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 27 and 6:30 p.m. Sept. 10 in the Community Room at City Hall, 2342 Oak Road. 

Auditions are open to everyone, however children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to perform. Ghosts, guides, ghost wranglers, costumers, make-up artists and others are also needed. 

The Ghost Tours will take place Oct 24 and 31 and Nov. 1 outside of City Hall. 

Volunteers are needed to entertain guests as they tour Snellville City Hall grounds with stations created for each ghost presentation. The stories will come from the imagination of the local writers who wrote about things that go bump in the night as part of the recently decided Ghost Writing Contest. 

During the tour, fictional Snellville ghosts will relate tales of the city and their specific legends to the guests. The tour will feature guides dressed as ghosts from literature, stage and film. Guides will take the guests through the grounds, relating ghoulish tales of artful ghosts from their genre. “The Ghost Bride” by Jonathan Cates is the winning story from the contest and will be acted out during the tour.

“Beware as our ghosts tell you stories that would slice through your soul, freeze your blood, make your eyes jump out of their sockets and your hair stand on end like porcupine quills,” said Kathi Mardis of SAC. “The Snellville Arts Commission Ghost Tour is a guaranteed good time with a few chills down your spine and – just maybe – laughs from your belly. Actors, guests and ghost wranglers will haunt City Hall and give out ‘Snellville’s Chills’ with our authentic and totally fictional history of these famous – and infamous – creatures from beyond the grave! 

“Don’t miss the Ghost Bride telling you her tragic tale of her death in Snellville and why she is doomed to walk the night endlessly!”

SAC is also seeking sponsors for the Ghost Tour. Monetary donations and goods or services are appreciated. SAC officials are hoping to raise a minimum of $300 to defray the cost of production. All sponsors will be featured in the Snellville Ghost Tours Guidebook. Sponsors donating $500 or more will be featured on the back of the Snellville Ghost Tours T-shirt and will be advertised with a full page ad in the guidebook.

SAC also needs lighting, props, clothing and printing materials. The non-profit is also looking for prizes for the winners of a Snellville Ghost Tours costume contest.

For more information contact  Kathleen Mardis, or visit