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Award-winning artists highlight new art display

Award-winning artists highlight new art display

SNELLVILLE – Artist Michael Mullins will be spotlighted in a new art display at City Hall November through December. 

Mullins, and other artists, will have their work on display in the Snellville Arts Commission Community Room Art Gallery in City Hall, 2432 Oak Road. The gallery is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

“I have had very little art instruction in the past,” Mullins said. “In my opinion, making good art is something that should flow naturally. Many people don’t understand how to turn what you see from a photograph into a detailed drawing or painting. I find it simple and can’t explain it another way. I draw or paint what I see onto my surface, then look and study the details, and if it doesn’t look how I want or if it’s not the same as the photo, then I fix it until it looks appealing.  

“I never really thought of the art field as something I would like to do for the rest of my life, that is, not until about three years ago. I soon came to the realization that yes, this is what I am good at, and this is what I enjoy doing, so this is what I was meant to do, no matter if I win or lose or make a lot of money or make none of the money. I should be chewed up and spit away if I choose not to pursue art for any reason.”

Mullins works for Delta Airlines at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport. He won Best in Show at a National Arts Program-sponsored airport employee art contest for his piece entitled “Sail Away”. The piece will be on permanent display at the airport. Mullins said he plans to attend Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta in the winter of 2015 with a focus on graphic design.  

An artist joining Mullins is Shirley Shepherd, another self-taught artist who works in watercolor, acrylic and multimedia. She recently won an Honorable Mention at the Quinlan Visual Arts Center in Gainesville and a People’s Choice Award at Kudzu Art Zone in Norcross. 

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