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Back from the brink!

Back from the brink!!! Yes that just might be the statement of the year. How many of you are suffering from website death. You know what I mean; when was the last time you completely overhauled your site?

Stephen Brust, Webkat Design

If you can’t remember when the last time you completely revamped your website was, then that is a good indication that it may be time for a redo, simply because technology and design trends have changed significantly over the past few years.

Here are some questions you should be asking yourself regarding the freshness of your site.

1. Does our site look current?

2. Are we up to date in our branding?

3. Does the platform we are using allow us to update the content ourselves?

4. Do we have a Responsive Website?

5. How do we compare to our competitors?

6. Are we SEO ready?

1 & 2 should be addressed yearly. Trends run quickly these days, targeting the correct clientele and using the correct channels to connect to them are vitally important. How your site looks and its ease of use will help attract potential clients and give them confidence regarding your company. How important is it for a professional to look like a professional? I believe it is very important, you wouldn’t choose a hobo as your stylist would you? So why would your potential clients stop at your website when it looks like a 1972 Gremlin? Ponder that for a minute…

Number 3 asks about your platform, do you use a content management system (CMS) vs. having a static HTML or PHP site. A CMS gives non-technical users the ability to keep the content of their site up to date, without the need to hire a web design every time they want to make a change. Most popular CMS platforms are as follows WordPress, Joomla & Drupal, and all 3 of them are open source programing. Remember that search engines rank sites better when they have consistently updated material.

Number 4 wants to know if your site is responsive; can it be easily viewed on all devices, from large desktops to smartphones, without hindering the experience? As we move further into this digital world we are relying on a multitude of various devices to be able to access the web now. Do you want to be left out? If I am at the Mall looking for a business do you want viewers to be able to easily find you on the web and with ease know as much as possible about your business? Note the words “with ease”. Okay now this one number 5 is going to take a twist. How do we compare to our competitors? I am not sure how I want to say this, because it just seems silly to me. But here goes….. I have a business that is a professional service (doctors, dentist, lawyers, etc.). All of my competitors have websites and are getting great traffic, but we decided we just needed a Facebook page. Right we do not have a website, but we sure are getting a bunch of likes. Now don’t get me wrong, we believe in social media marketing, but as an add-on.

What does it tell people that are searching for our services or even our business about us when it becomes painfully obvious that we don’t have a website? Build a site you won’t regret it. Last but not least are you SEO ready? Is your site searchable? Do you come up in a Google search? What does it say about your company in the search? How can you drive more traffic to your site, which in turn could bring more calls and appointments that bring jobs or sales? The question is if you are utilizing old technology, it might be preventing you from being searchable and could cause you to drop in rankings, bringing less traffic and potentially less calls and business. So to wrap this up, having a professional give you specific input in regards to an overhaul, redo, revamp or just a tune-up is something you need to be doing on a regular and steady basis. Don’t wake up and say “oh my goodness we have fallen behind, what do we do now!”. Reach out, Google, or ask a friend about a web designer to look at your site for you. Get some perspective let us help you. If you have any question regarding website development, design or marketing please give us a call or send us an email. 

As always thank you for your support.  

Stephen Brust
Webkat Design, llc