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Back to school jean drive 2014

Back to School Jean Drive yields 140 pairs of jeans in 2014

Remember the excitement as a child of preparing for “Back to School” at the end of summer break? The   questions of “Who will be my teacher?  Will my friends be in my classes?   Will my BFF still be my BFF?   When can we shop for school supplies?  Not to mention, “What will I wear the first day of school?”

Now, try to imagine what a child must feel if they do not have the means to obtain the school supplies needed or the new outfit for that all so special first day of school.  What I imagine is the excitement dwindling slowly in an attempt to accept those things a child may not always understand.

We as parents want the best for our children but with the drastic change in our world’s economic state it is not always possible to do everything.

This is the reason Woamtec Lawrenceville Chapter Networking Group sponsors a yearly Back to School Jean Drive.   Our Team Members work together to spread the word throughout the Gwinnett Community asking for support by donations of gently used jeans of all sizes and styles.   The donations are processed through Place of Seven Springs Thrift Store located in Snellville.  The Place of Seven Springs is affiliated with the Southeast Gwinnett Co-Op Ministry helping families in need.    

This year Woamtec feels very blessed that 140 pairs of jeans, the majority of which were for children, were donated.  Over the past 3-1/2 years, since the inception of the Jean Drive, over 600 pairs of jeans have been donated back into the community.   Our philosophy truly is, “If one child or 100 children keep their excitement about going back to school simply by having something new and different to wear on that very special first day, then the Jean Drive is a Success.”

The success goes to all of you who donated jeans or a monetary donation in 2014.   We thank each of you for your continued support and your awareness of the needs of our community.     

Linda Cash, Assistant Director
Woamtec Lawrenceville Chapter

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