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Being “Hip” in Today’s World

Everyday Matters because Every Day Matters
Welcome to 2018 where it is no longer is it “cool” to be “hip.” Are these words still in your vocabulary? Have you used them lately and had someone look at you with that “I can’t believe you said that” face?

Well, let’s do some spring cleaning on your vocab and weed out the old words and plant some new diction! Keep reading and let’s make sure that you remain “lit.” It’s important for you to be “lit” because “YOLO.” Today you might be called “dumb lit” if you bought your child or grand-child a Nintendo Switch. While you are listening to kids or teens con-versing today, know that they are keeping things from you if they say PAW (parents are watching) or code 9. To enhance your vocabulary with a dose of new age words, check out the list below:

LIT—describes someone or something amazing in every way

FIRE—describes something that is “hot.” Example: His new girlfriend is so fire.

SALTY—means angry or bitter. Example: She’s dating my ex and that makes me straight salty.

TURNT—means very excited Example: After we won the game, the fans were turnt.

THROW SHADE—means to insult Example: He threw shade at me.

YOLO—means You Only Live Once

DUMB—means very or extremely

PAW—Parents are watching

Maybe you will use one of these words, and some kids will be turnt. Maybe you won’t use any and are shaking your head at how the world is changing. However, no matter who you are, you always want to be up on the important lingo (even if you don’t use it). So, don’t be salty if you’re feeling a bit old or out of touch. This article isn’t meant to throw shade at anyone over 35 because, as one of you, I think we mature folks are straight lit! Remember, I’ll be here bringing you everyday matters because every day matters, and don’t forget YOLO.