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‘Bosom Buddies’ to speak at book reading

‘Bosom Buddies’ to speak at book reading

Snellville – They’re called the Bosom Buddies. Authors Gail Mosby and Kathie Van Landingham have been pals since they were 2 years old, back when they were making mud pies in a makeshift oven.

Bosom Buddies, Gail Mosby and Kathie Van Landingham

The Buddies, authors of “Thanks for the Lift Bosom Buddy”, will be sharing their tales from 7 to 9 p.m. Sept. 19 in the Community Room at City Hall, 2432 Oak Road. 

Natives of the Kirkwood neighborhood in Atlanta, the duo hit it off once they met and have been friends ever since. 

“We have been as close as sisters from our toddler years,” Mosby said. “Through those awkward budding teenage years, into the husband selection years, surviving the children raising years, rejoicing in the grandmother years, saying farewell to parent years, and here we are at the reminiscing years. 

“From mud on a sweater, to driving the campaign mobile, to our Forever Floral business together, we continue to cherish the friendship God has given us. The marvelous part about our sisterhood is that there has never been, nor will there ever be sibling rivalry.” 

Mosby urges attendees to “treat yourself to a cup of belly washer laughs as you travel with us through our zany antics. Don’t be surprised, though, if you feel a surge of tears filling your eyes during a tender moment. Perhaps these stories will stir up some cherished memories of your own.”

“Thanks for the Lift Bosom Buddy” will also be available for purchase at the Snellville Arts Commission event for $14 (includes tax). 

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