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Boy Scout Troop 100 Celebrates 15th Year with Lilburn Daze

The Lilburn Woman’s Club is proud to celebrate the continuing participation of Boy Scout Troop 100 as they celebrate their 15th year with us in the upcoming 45th annual Lilburn Daze Arts and Crafts Festival. The festival will be held on Saturday, October 13, 9 am to 5 pm in Lilburn City Park.

Boy Scout T100 Opening Ceremony 2014220Their troop has been participating in Lilburn Daze since 2003.  One of their Eagle Scouts’ moms, who was a member of the Red Hat Ladies, introduced the troop to their first opportunity to attend this festival. Since then, they have even built a trailer to haul their cooking gear to the park just for this event. 

Troop 100 takes the opportunity to give back to their community by providing their troop bus and a driver as a means of transportation to the Lilburn Daze attendees from the local parking lots to the park. The troop bus is the vehicle used to take their members to campouts and other scout activities. The Troop also provides Chicken biscuits and coffee to the vendors the morning of the event.

Boy Scout Troop Kettle Corn Dog220The Troop additionally participates in the event by selling Kettle Corn and Boiled Peanuts. The Kettle Corn is made from scratch by the troop members the old fashioned way with a kettle and long paddle and they prepare the boiled peanuts as well.

Lilburn Daze is a great Fundraiser for Troop 100. Funds raised during the event are used for maintenance and insurance on their bus for the year. Troop 100 has 46 registered members. The Troop Scoutmaster is Travis Lindsey; Assistant Scoutmasters, Jason Myers, Jason Bach and Jenni Nguyen and Committee Chairman, Chris Mercer; Michael Fields, Advancement Coordinator and Randy Stricklin, Assistant Committee Chair

We hope you will visit Lilburn Daze, take a ride on the Troop 100 bus, stop by their tent and congratulate troop members on their 15-year achievement and try some of their delicious old-fashioned kettle corn and boiled peanuts!

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