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Braxton’s Auctioneering… celebrating 29 years and the second generation

Braxton’s Auctioneering... celebrating 29 years and the second generation
By Beth Volpert Johansen

February 2016 will mark Braxton Roberts’ 29th year selling and repairing clocks along with auctioning some of the most amazing antiques in the area.

braxton2190Left: “Mr. Bill” works on antique and specialty watches.

Known for offering quality finds, Braxton’s has become the go-to name for estate sales, unique items from “up north”, and The Extravaganza Auction held three times yearly.“Auctions are the wave of the future,” says Braxton. “There are now lots of auction houses that have opened up, but we have been very blessed over the years.” 

With a variety of auction opportunities, Monday nights are generally reserved for never really knowing what you will find. Beginning most Monday’s at 6:30, the auction offers everything from quality antiques to collectibles. The Third Monday of each month is reserved for selling the contents of estates that are not necessarily antiques. Shoppers can walk the tables and participate in a general auction for many great items. The monthly Quality Antiques Auctions conducted on the 1st Saturday of each month contain the best items offered for the month.

Auctions, coins, and clocks have been the mainstays at Braxton’s for nearly thirty years. In that time, Braxton and Suzanne Roberts have built a thriving business and raised three children. Their eldest son, Braxton the 4th has embraced the family business and recently completed an 80 hour course to receive his auctioneer’s license from the Secretary of State’s office. “Brax is working toward taking over the business one day,” says Braxton. “Right now he is attending GA College in Milledgeville.” The couple’s two younger children, Gaines and Myla attend Loganville Christian Academy and share a passion for missionary work with Honduras being Myla’s favorite. 

braxton190Right: Braxton and his son, Brax, pose in front of the auction area as they prepare for buyers looking for treasure among the great items available.

Braxton’s is an extremely busy place on any given day. Many of the items that find their way to the auction house via buying trips to the northeast and midwest several times a year to find unique items. The majority of local finds come from estate sales. “Word-of-mouth advertising has been huge for us,” says Braxton. “This is our biggest source of products.” 

Among the furniture, jewelry, dishware, art, and other items for sale shoppers will also find nice finds from among gun collections. “We are an FFL licensed gun broker,” says Braxton. “We sell 100’s of guns each year.” One of the most interesting sales in 2015 was a rare volcanic rifle that sold for more than $40k. “That was a highlight for us.” 

While the auction business has grown, clocks and watches are still a part of Braxton’s. “We have two skilled craftsmen who repair both clocks and watches here,” says Braxton. “Mr. Bill repairs watches and we have seen some family heirlooms brought back to working order; Mr. Jay works on the clocks.” Braxton says that many of the old clocks have become part of a family tradition and keeping them in working order takes some very special skills. 

As 2016 begins, Braxton’s is preparing for more interest in those who enjoy treasure hunts. “Auctions and antique hunting have become very popular,” says Braxton. “We invite everyone by to visit-you never know what you will find.” 

For more information: or call 770-466-0748