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Bridging the Gap – March2014

Bridging the Gap
Coming to America!
By Diego Ramirez

Parents live to see their children prosper in life. They will spend a lifetime trying to guide and protect their children in every way.

Diego Ramirez, Journalist, Couch Middle School

While I am fortunate to feel this love from my loved ones on a daily basis, sadly, not every child will have this chance.

Why is it that so many children in America cry themselves to sleep at night with only hope of speaking with their parents on the phone? The answer is simple – deportation.

Millions of immigrants come to America trying to get away from immense poverty, suppression, and instabilities found in their own country. People leave their homes and lives behind them because living in their own country is harder than finding a penguin in the middle of the Sahara – simply impossible!

Coming to America is not about finding paradise. Immigrants are more than eager to find work. Most of these jobs typically are back breaking and low paying. They are quite desperate to start earning a meager income to support their family. Is this a crime? According to our Immigration Laws – yes it is a crime.

The real crime, however, is denying these innocent people an opportunity. Just one simple chance to a better life is all they need. This can be accomplished by passing the Immigration Reform Act.
I acknowledge that this is a very touchy subject. I just wish that everyone would look at how much suffering millions of immigrant aliens are going through daily. The humane decision is more than obvious. Getting into the United States is the first major challenge. Once they arrive it is a full on hide and seek game to keep from being sent back to their native country. Fear rapidly rushes through the body of an illegal immigrant every time they see those red and blue flashing lights. Facing the cops is worse than coming face to face with a full grown lion. As the lights and sirens draw nearer, thoughts race through their mind – “If I am caught and deported, this morning will have been the last time I will ever see my family again.”

Simply try to imagine being pried away from your young kids over a faulty light, an incomplete stop, or turning without signaling. That’s right – one little mistake could end up leaving a son or daughter alone in this country because typically, when a person is deported back, their children remain here.
What I find very shameful is that the spoiled 19 year old, Justin Bieber, is in the U.S. with a work permit. While living here he takes the liberty to drag race while under influence, throws eggs at his neighbor’s house, and tries to be the center of attention. All of this and he is still not kicked out of the United States. Talk about fairness.

Regardless of the political views, or religious beliefs one has, it is quite certain that leaving a child alone without parental love is immensely cruel. No youngster brought to this earth deserves to be left feeling lonely. Legal or not, a mom cherishes their child and a father protects their child just as much as anybody else. Skin color, ethnicity, or race does not determine how much devotion a parent has towards their children. In the city of Grayson, lives a 47 year old man who took the challenge of coming to America. He left his house, family, and former life to seek a “better” life. For twenty-four years, he lived in oppression due to the fear of being sent back. He had to fight through discrimination, unfairness, and a plethora of other obstacles to reach his current level in society. Even after all of his struggles, he still fought to not get deported from his family. I would think living here for a quarter of a century is enough to call oneself an American!

America was founded by those who fought for freedoms. Americans continue to be inspired to keep fighting because they believe that every person is equal and deserves rights. Why can’t we apply these beliefs that inspired American history to our present day lives? We could achieve equality for all by passing an Immigration Reform.

Let’s help those immigrants who have been fighting for years to simply fit into our society. How would you feel if it was your family that simply wanted a chance? After all – illegal immigrants are humans too.


Couch Middle School RAMSDiego Ramirez is a Journalism student at Couch Middle School. ‘Bridging the Gap’ is a Couch Middle School column written by teens to help ‘Bridge the Gap’ between teenagers and parents. Couch Middle School, located in Grayson, is a part of the Grayson Cluster. The Principal is Devon Williams.