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Brookwood High names theatre after long-time educators

Ken and Patty Lindahl are “famous” in the K-12 performing arts world… and while their names may not be in lights, they are prominently displayed at Brookwood High School which recently dedicated its theater in their honor. The Ken and Patty Lindahl Performing Arts Center recognizes the duo’s 30 years of service as the school’s theatre directors prior to their retirement.

Gwinnett Citizen News

The Lindahls’ say they are humbled by the honor. Ken Lindahl added, “We are thankful to the community and the school system for this amazing honor. It was a wonderful experience to teach at Brookwood and to continually have administrators who saw the value of the arts on students’ lives. We appreciate the performing arts staff who worked for the bigger picture and valued each other. Upon reflection, we realize how much students, parents, and staff have enriched our lives.”

The Lindahls’ produced and directed more than 200 plays and musicals and continue to serve the program and the students as volunteers. Examples of their accomplishments include, founding Brookwood Summerstage, developing the Brookwood Performing Arts Camp in the 1980s (still serving the community today), teaching and mentoring numerous students who went on to pursue performing arts careers, being inducted into the Georgia Thespian Hall of Fame, and directing and producing numerous award-winning productions. 

Patty Lindahl says she and her husband are most proud of helping students pursue their love of the arts. “We are amazed at the number of students who have pursued careers in performing arts and are Atlanta working performers. We also have discovered that a number of former students are working in community theatres. But most importantly, we hope that all of our students took away from their high school experience the importance of working together toward a common goal and that they continued to use creativity in their lives,” Patty Lindahl said.