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Cheryl’s Adventure – Cheryl Copeland

Cheryl Copeland

Cheryl’s Adventure – Changing seasons


Christmas is coming!  It’s my absolute favorite time of the year!  But first, hold that seasonal thought – I need to share something with you.  Most of you know I’m fighting breast cancer.  But it’s not about the cancer, it’s about change.

Cheryl Copeland

Cheryl’s Adventure – LOOK GOOD – FEEL BETTER


Children’s words are often charming, especially when spoken directly from the heart.  While some phrases or comments are meant to be nothing but sweet and innocent, we sometimes rule them to be a bit blunt and horribly honest. 

“Enjoying the Ding Ding of the machine as the Last Chemo round is complete! Woo hoo!” - Cheryl Copeland

Cheryl’s Adventure – Joy of being bald

We’ve all read or heard of the Joy books.  Joy of Baking.  Joy of Gardening.  Joy of Eating.  Over the last few months I have come to the realization that it is time to share all the Joys of Being Bald!

Cheryl Copeland

Cheryl’s Adventure – Everyday heroes

Look! Up in the sky!  It’s a bird – it’s a plane!  No!  It’s Superman!  You’ve just realized that evil forces were swooping in to attack and destroy everything within your reach!  Then, out of the blue, you see a man dressed in bright blue spandex and a red flying cape with a giant “S” on his chest flying in to save the day!  Yeah, right.

Cheryl Copeland

Cheryl’s Adventure – Wasted Worry


During the opening faculty meeting at school this year where I am a teacher, my principal gave a brief update on the progress of my battle with Breast Cancer. 

Cheryl Copeland

Cheryl’s Adventure – Mirror Mirror on the wall


Mirror, mirror on the wall, how will I look when I’m BALD? 

About eight weeks ago when the doctor hit me with the words you’ve got breast cancer, the first thing I said was, I’m going to Disney World, and not, I’m going to be bald!   

Cheryl Copeland

Cheryl’s Adventure


On April 1, 2011, my world as I knew it, would never be the same again.  The doctor began by saying, “Please understand that this isn’t an April Fool’s joke.”  He hesitated at first then said, “I really like your shirt!” A bit baffled, I looked down at my school Spirit Day shirt and read, “ETARBELEC YALER rof EFIL!”