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Dave Emanuel | Cut To The Chase

Are electric vehicles ‘clean’?

The widespread view that fossil fuels are “dirty” and renewables such as wind and solar energy and electric vehicles are “clean” has become a fixture of mainstream media and policy assumptions across the political spectrum in developed countries, perhaps with the exception of the Trump-led US administration.

Marlene Ratledge Buchanen

It’s Ta-Ta Time Again

I was trying to choose a topic for the October column. Should it concern the centennial anniversary of women’s rights, Halloween, or Covid-19, a nightmare in itself? Then it clicked. October. Pink. Ta-ta month!

Marlene Ratledge Buchanen

The Physical

Today was my physical. I swear I can’t win. I have been trying to give up sugar and gluten again.

Dave Emanuel | Cut To The Chase

Legislative Bait and Switch – HB302

Last year they were touted as property rights bills. This year, they’re being promoted as affordable housing bills. In fact, they are neither.

Dave Emanuel | Cut To The Chase

Snellville Takes the Lead in New Educational Opportunities

It all started with an e-mail. Sent by Eric Van Otteren, Snellville’s director of economic development, it contained a link and a question. The link was to an article about the city of West Sacramento, CA, starting a digital badge program for its residents. The question was, “What do you think?”

Bill York

Two eyes for an eye

The year was 1960. A large shopping center had just opened. There were no upper-levels for parking. My destination was a restaurant. I pulled into the parking lot. It was full. I drove down a few aisles and saw a couple entering their car. I whipped around two aisles. I was too late. Another car was in front of me. 

Dave Emanuel | Cut To The Chase

MARTA Expansion…

By all indications, the fix is in- Gwinnett County taxpayers will be funding a $1 billion boondoggle known as MARTA expansion. In March, 2019, voters defeated a transit referendum that included plans to extend MARTA about 4 miles to Jimmy Carter Blvd, at a cost of $250 million per mile. Although the referendum included plans to add a variety of bus-based forms of public transit, voters found a cost of one billion dollars to extend a heavy rail line to be unpalatable.