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Celebrate National Fishing and Boating week on the water!

SOCIAL CIRCLE – Need a reason to go fishing? It is a great way to connect with family and spend quality time together in the outdoors. Want one more? There is no better time to get outdoors than during National Fishing and Boating Week, June 2-10, 2018 according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division.

“There are no bad days spent boating and fishing,” says Matt Thomas, Chief of the Fisheries Management Section. “Teaching a child to fish, or taking an outing on a boat can help build a conservation ethic, while also introducing an exciting activity you both can enjoy for life.”

National Fishing and Boating Week began in 1979 and was created to recognize the tradition of fishing and to pass along the values and knowledge of today’s anglers with tomorrow’s anglers.

According to the National Fishing and Boating Week website, one of the main reasons people don’t go fishing or boating is because no one has invited them. YOU can help change this! Make it a mission during National Fishing and Boating Week, or the next time you go fishing, to take someone new: a child, a relative or a friend. 

How to Celebrate:

FREE FISHING DAYS: In the spirit of introducing new family members or friends to fishing, Georgia offers two free fishing days during this special week – Sat., June 2 and Sat., June 9, 2018. On these days, Georgia residents do not need a fishing license, trout license or Lands Pass (WMAs/PFAs) to fish.

FREE KIDS FISHING EVENTS: In addition to the two free fishing days, there are lots of free kids fishing events scheduled across the state to help introduce children to fishing. These events offer a healthy form of entertainment for kids and provide an excellent opportunity for beginning anglers to learn from experienced volunteers. Many events offer prizes, free lunches and other fun-filled activities. Find events here:

For more information on National Fishing and Boating Week and all it has to offer, including the free fishing days, nearest kids fishing event or places to fish, visit