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Celebrating a Century of Living

It’s rare enough to find someone who has lived long enough to celebrate a 100th birthday. So, imagine finding two people who have lived an entire century. Just recently two centenarians, both residents at Village Park at Peachtree Corners, a senior living community, celebrated their 100th birthdays with family and friends.

Mike and Debbie Mason, Mrs. Wischusen's son, Henry Wischusen, and seated Margaret Wischusen.

James Aguilar, a WWII veteran, born March 3, 1919, and Margaret Wischusen, born March 20, 1919, who worked in a factory repairing airplanes during WWII, recently reached the remarkable milestone.

The two were recognized recently during a special birthday celebration at Village Park. It was an evening for reminiscing as Mr. Aguilar’s son told of his father’s humble upbringing in Honduras before moving to the United States and Mrs. Wischusen’s son retold the story of how she had met her husband during WWII.

Mr. Aguilar served in the U.S. Army during WWII coordinating civilian logistics during the reconstruction of Germany. It was there that he met is future wife Norma Hayes. They married and raised five children. In his later years, he was a hands-on volunteer with Habitat for Humanity for many years transporting goods and making repairs.

Debbie and Mike Mason, James Aguilar and his wife Norma, daughter-in-law Mary and son Christopher Aguilar.     Debbie and Mike Mason, James Aguilar and his wife Norma, daughter-in-law Mary and son Christopher Aguilar. Mrs. Wischusen, a native of Malden, Massachusetts, spent her summers in Maine and attended Boston University where she studied Latin and Fine Arts. Later she married and was blessed with four children, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. She enjoyed boating, gardening and traveling. She hosted many golf events and was a set designer for a local theatre.

Peachtree Corners Mayor Mike Mason presented proclamations to each centenarian before a packed house of over 75 who came to share in the celebration.

“It was a pleasure to have the chance to meet Mrs. Wischusen and Mr. Aguilar,” said Mayor Mike Mason. “They have led remarkable and rich lives. It was an honor to be part of such a special occasion.”

Additionally, Bob Ballagh, executive director for the Peachtree Corners Veterans Monument, presented each with a plaque, recognizing Mr. Agular’s service to our country and Mrs. Wischusen for her support for her husband during wartime. The event was followed by dinner, a live concert, and a giant cake that was shared with their friends and family.