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Centerville Community Center Poet-Tree display

Centerville Community Center Poet-Tree display
Multi-generational Opportunity: Poet-Tree Creative Expression • FREE!

Monday through Friday: Submissions accepted through March 10.

In celebration of National Poetry month in April, the Centerville Community Center invites all families, including blended, adopted and mentoring families to submit their poems to be displayed as part of the center’s “Poet-Tree” display, April 4 through April 29. Theme: Inter-generational Relationships. Topic Focus: Thought-provoking and positive messages from regular life experiences or stories shared between multi-generational family members. Deadline for submission is Thursday, March 10.

To learn about composition guidelines, call the Centerville Community Center at 770.985.4713. The center reserves the right to withhold pieces which do not meet guidelines. We look forward to a celebration of art, poetry, and family.