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Cheryl’s Adventure – Joy of being bald

We’ve all read or heard of the Joy books.  Joy of Baking.  Joy of Gardening.  Joy of Eating.  Over the last few months I have come to the realization that it is time to share all the Joys of Being Bald!

“Enjoying the Ding Ding of the machine as the Last Chemo round is complete!   Woo hoo!” - Cheryl Copeland

Cheryl CopelandPeople who are given a cancer diagnosis often associate “fear” with the knowledge that hair loss will be inevitable if they must undergo certain chemotherapy treatments.  I must admit that the idea of losing my hair brought about a small knot in my stomach.  But then I quickly remembered a life lesson my Dad taught me – 10% of Life is made up of what happens to you and 90% of Life is made up of how you react to it.  

With this theory in mind, I realized that there was nothing I could do about having cancer or receiving treatments that would cause my hair to fall out.  This simply made up 10% of my life.  I chose to use the remaining 90% of how I would react by embracing the idea of losing my hair, accepting that I would have a new look, and of course, laughing hysterically! 

It did not take long after the last of the hair fell out for me to realize that going bald during chemo is a true gift from God.  I am grateful and now understand the Joys of Being Bald! 

Time and Money – Hair requires daily washing, drying, and styling rituals along with expensive highlighting and cutting appointments.  All of this adds up to monthly costs and hours of time devoted to looking fabulous.  Bald is simply simple!  Shower in – shower out – and Done!  Absolutely no time or money needed to keep your head looking clean and shiny! 

Weather Forecast – Never again will need to wait around in the mornings for the weather report.  Just one step outside and you will know the temperature, wind direction and wind speed.  You will also be the first in the crowd to detect any rain!

Cooling Off – Enjoying a bit of the outdoors on a hot and humid day? Wishing you could cool off as sweat continues to drip down your face?  Simply take a nice bottle of ice water (hose will work well too) and pour it all over your bald head!  Talk about refreshing!  And the best part is that you will be instantly cooled off and look the same.  Not a single hair will be out of place! 

Shaping Up – Ever wondered how your head shaped up as you became older?  You will be amazed at how much hair hides the actual shape and size of your head. (Hint: hair creates an illusion)  Regardless of your cranial cap, you will receive compliments galore as to the wonderful shape of your head – warming your heart within! 

Understanding – Everyone is living with some sort of battle; some more obvious than others.  Cancer, like so many other diseases, is not always noticeable from our outward appearances.  Going bald peels back a few outer layers and offers a nonverbal sign to the world that you are facing quite a challenge at the moment.  You will be greeted with more smiles, love, kindness, forgiveness, and understanding.  You’ll fully understand what Jesus meant when he said to “Love your neighbor.”  

If you know anyone that is battling cancer and losing their hair, please let them know that there are true Joys of Being Bald!  I have tried on a few wigs, but they simply made me laugh even harder.  So I have accepted who I am and have enjoyed walking around town “As Is.” 

Eyebrows?  Now THAT is a different story!  I will be attending a free class next week, Look Good Feel Better, offered by the American Cancer Society.  I pray they will show me how to create symmetrical eyebrows!  

Cheryl Copeland is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about life’s lessons and her personal adventure with breast cancer.