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Come on fall!!

Come on fall!!
By Mandy Snell

COME ON FALL!!  Yes, I like summer, but I love fall! Always have and always will. Summer is good because you can watch your garden grow, jump into the pool and go fishing until the sun goes down. But fall... well there’s crisp apples, boiled peanuts, the changing of the leaves and you can pull out your jeans and sweat shirts. 

Mandy Snell

mandy fall 190Then there is football! Those Friday nights under the lights with the good ole’ hometown rivalries. Those hold very fond memories for me, as I’m sure it does for all of you. And then there is Saturdays in the South, college football. I have seen grown men cry when their team didn’t win. These are the “true rivalries”. Arguments over who’s team is the best, has caused many to question who their real friends are. lol. My blood runs red and black, just had to throw that in there. 

Like I said earlier, the changing of the leaves…. When I was at Young Harris I definitely found the true meaning of the words. Adjectives often used to describe this are beautiful, amazing, breath taking etc. And yes, all of these apply. However, waking up every morning and seeing the sunshine bounce off those majestic mountains and creating a firey backdrop for the day to come, well there really aren’t any words. 

My cousin Partee set me down one afternoon and he said, “I know you’re loving high school and having a lot of good times with all your friends, but you haven’t experienced anything so exciting, until you go off to college.” He couldn’t have been more right. I’m not taking anything away from my fun with my Snellville friends {because I definitely love them all}. But WOW, the friendships that I have now with my college buddies, are unmeasureable. You eat with them, study with them, sleep with them, {ya’ll know what I mean}, and party with them. We all became so close, so fast, but it’s a lifelong friendship. I am so glad that GA Southern didn’t push my buttons and I turned and went straight for the hills!  Never once did I regret or second guess that decision. 

Another thing, well actually an event, is the Gwinnett County Fair! Some of you will remember that I sold admission tickets for 13 years. Most of those years I shared a booth with Partee. He and Coach Mullins did it for more times than I did, good memories were made there also. I had my daddy in the office too. He was President of the Gwinnett County Livestock and Fair Association for 14 years and Vice President for about 19 years under his good friend Carvis Williams. He had a little over 50 years of service in all. I would get so excited anticapating that first day.  The smell of cotton candy, funnel cakes and roasted corn could be smelled as you pulled into the gate. Then the grandeur of the ferris wheel! Such wonderful days, anyway, be sure to take your kids or go with a group of your friends, always a great time. 

50rocksad 190Before I leave I want to remind  the SGHS and Brookwood alumni’s that we are having a 50 ROCKS party on September 20th at Lake Lanier. It started out picking on the class of 1982 because most of us are turning 50 this year. However, all are welcome!! Go to  SGHS Alumni page and RSVP…. It’s going to be a big time, hope to see ya’ll there, if not.. then next month!!  

Stay happy! 

Mandy Snell is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about growing up in Snellville and its history. Have any Growing up in Snellville stories to share? Comment below!

A Little bit about the SGHS & Brookwood reunion…
There’s going to be a party at Lake Lanier!

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