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Since February is a month of love and affection, I decided to write about a love that is from a different point of view…our loving pet’s viewpoint, that is. Pets can develop such interesting personas as they grow and, like a human, they can show a variety of emotions. I am a huge animal lover, and my two dogs are like my own children.

A dog or a cat can be the absolute best companions because of their natural loyalty and security. It is a great feeling to know that after a long day at school or work, you can come home to a furry friend that has waited all day to see you and be there for you.

The other day I decided to take a visit to the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter, and I was completely surprised at what I experienced. The shelter employees and volunteers were so kind, helpful, and they seemed as though they absolutely loved their job. The animals were well-cared for and they each had their own comfortable space. I had never visited the shelter before, and as I walked around to view the animals in their various locations, I wondered how someone could not love these animals enough to keep them safe and happy at their homes. The animals appeared as though they were searching for the right person to walk through the door and give them the opportunity for a new life. I thought I would share this information in order to promote adoption, because I was tremendously intrigued by the animals’ enthusiasm and optimism. The euthanization rate of animals living in shelters has decreased significantly throughout this past year. More and more people have made the decision to choose adoption, and they have had excellent results with their new pets.

By choosing to adopt an animal from the shelter, instead of buying from either a private breeder or a pet store, you could save an innocent life and start a new beginning for your pet. Adoption is a fantastic option for many families looking for an affectionate and friendly pet, and it is a great time to consider adoption since it is early in the year. If you do not want to adopt but would still like to help out, you could consider becoming a volunteer or even making a donation to the animal shelter. What an incredible thought it is to not only help save the life of an animal, but to also gain a faithful companion and loving family member.