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Congestion Relief Coming with Longer Turn Lanes

Longer Left Turn Lanes Bring Congestion Relief

(Aug. 22, 2013) – Six congestion relief projects on state highways in Gwinnett will be managed by the County’s transportation department under three contracts using state DOT Quick Response funds.

Commissioners awarded an almost $221,000 contract on Tuesday to low bidder E.R. Snell Contractors Inc. to extend left turn lanes on Lawrenceville Suwanee Road/State Route 317 at Satellite Boulevard and on Beaver Ruin Road/State Route 378 on the west side of the I-85 interchange.
The County will also install left turn lanes on Buford Highway at South Scales Road and extend an existing one at South Lee Street under a $215,170 contract with low bidder Baldwin Paving Co. Inc. Baldwin was also the low bidder at $180,000 to extend left turn lanes on Scenic Highway/State Route 124 at Jackson Street and on Grayson Highway/State Route 20 at Webb Gin House Road.
Georgia Department of Transportation Board Member Rudy Bowen and GDOT Deputy Commissioner Todd Long attended the meeting and presented the commissioners with a ceremonial check in the amount of $677,000 for the delivery of these projects on state routes. Bowen said, “Georgia DOT is proud to fund these quick response projects that will improve the operation of these intersections. Building left turn lanes improves the safety of the roadway by allowing a place for left turning vehicles to wait for an opening in oncoming traffic. Efficiency will also be improved because through traffic will not be stopped behind left turners. I am proud of our partnership with Gwinnett Government to improve transportation flow for the people of Gwinnett.”
Board of Commissioners Chairman Charlotte Nash said, “This is another good example of the state and county working together to get things done. We appreciate the confidence that GDOT has in our transportation department’s ability to deliver projects.”

The projects should be completed by the end of the year, weather permitting, according to Gwinnett Transportation Director Kim Conroy.