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Connect Gwinnett: Transit Planning Gets Rolling

Work is now underway on a Comprehensive Transit Development Plan to review existing Gwinnett Transit service and recommend ways to make it better. 

Charlotte J. Nash

County staff and the transportation experts we have hired to help us with this project are studying all fixed route and paratransit services, current and potential funding sources, and, most importantly, public opinion vetted through a broad community outreach effort. Within a few months, we will have drafts of short, medium, and long-term plans that identify options for needed improvements and relevant feasibility information. Then we can make informed decisions together.

The community outreach aspect will include many opportunities for local residents, workers, and visitors to provide feedback on the current Gwinnett Transit system as well as future transit needs in Gwinnett County. 

One of the early steps will take planners on a bus tour, stopping at key destinations throughout the County. They will also meet and listen to residents at various community events and businesses and hold focus group discussions to understand the diverse transit needs of our County. And an online survey will help identify needed improvements to the current system and shape a vision for future transit in Gwinnett.

As we create more jobs in Gwinnett and throughout the metro area, we can no longer assume that most commuters go back and forth to downtown Atlanta on I-85. We need better ways to move growing numbers of people within Gwinnett’s 437 square miles, and to get metro area residents to places like the Infinite Energy Center for concerts, conferences, or sports events taking place in Gwinnett. 

We’ve had Gwinnett Transit buses running since 2001 with local service as well as express routes from Park and Ride lots in Gwinnett to downtown Atlanta and now the Emory/CDC area.

But for most of us, it’s still not as easy to get from Point A to Point B as we would like it to be. That’s why we need your input. 

We’ve named the project Connect Gwinnett: Transit Plan because our goal is to connect our County through transit. The logo will help you recognize related information and messages.

Thanks in advance for your input and commitment to improving Gwinnett’s transit system, now and in the future. Watch for announcements and more information on and let us know what you think.