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I know some people with problems, trouble that could have been avoided using common sense. ‘Consider the consequences’ is one of the most significant messages in the English language.

I don’t go to parties or clubs awash with alcohol. I know that if decisions are made by befuddled   minds they are unpredictable and if somebody commits a felony I might be considered guilty by association. That decision applies to places where drugs will be available.

Decisions made without considering consequences results from immature mentality. As a kid I was exposed to results of alcohol; my father, who became angry and abusive when intoxicated. The more beer he drank the more his personality changed from sociable to combative.

Experiencing the effects of alcohol caused me to become an abstainer. That negates the concept that alcoholic kids come from alcoholic parents or that wayward kids evolve from dysfunctional homes. Because of drunkenness I was deprived of positive years on which futures are tuned but that can be overcome by deciding it’s stupid to let the influence of a parent destroy your future.

Because of alcohol or drug induced promiscuity, children from many single-parent homes don’t get the advice necessary to understand the possible repercussion of fatherless homes; behavioral abnormalities, psychological disorder and cultural aberrations. We see many of those children at a young age come under the jurisdiction of the courts.

Too many males demonstrate their macho by producing babies whom they have no intention of supporting committing the offspring to lives of waywardness. Even simians nurture their young to adulthood.

Drug and alcohol deadened minds can lead to unexpected and terrifying consequences. Women, looking for friends where drunkenness affects conduct, are more likely to be accosted.

Driving under the influence of mind-altering substances will create problems: injuries, financial ruin, imprisonment, psychological damage and even death.  Becoming intoxicated is not against the law but driving while mentally impaired is fundamentally irrational. According to the New York Times deaths from drug overdoses reached an all time high in the United States of 50,000 in 2014. 

Boating without a life jacket can have deadly consequences. Hunting without an orange vest can be fatal. Playing with guns indicates infantile mentality. 

There is speeding; tail-gaiting, drag racing. There are mutilated bodies on the highway, prisoners in jail and corpses in morgues. It is too frequently the consequence of chemically altered brains.

Tobacco companies have repeatedly warned of those debilitating effects of smoking yet people, knowing the danger, subject themselves to physical disablement without regard for the fact that their life can be painfully shortened. 

If you put your hand on a hot stove you will be burned or if you walk too closely behind a horse you can sometime be injured or even killed, each mistake is avoidable.

Albert Einstein said, “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has limitations”. 

York is a WW II navy veteran and retired President of York Furs in Buckhead. You can reach Bill York by email: