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Cop Cab makes run to Governor’s Office of Highway Safety

The wheels of the Cop Cab keep going round and round. 

From left, Snellville Police Department Chief Roy Whitehead, Councilman Bobby Howard and Governor’s Office of Highway Safety Director Harris Blackwood with the Cop Cab outside Harris’ Atlanta office.

On one night, the car – half cab, half police cruiser – was at a license checkpoint on Ronald Reagan Parkway.

The next morning, the car with the anti-drunk driving message was in Atlanta where Harris Blackwood, director of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, got a first-hand look.

“I find this to be a great promotional tool,” Blackwood said. “This is something that can make people think about our whole message – the $10,000 ride home. You’ve got to be innovative with these things and I appreciate the innovation.”

The Cop Cab asks those who have had too much to drink during a night out, “Which half do you want a ride in, the cab or the police car?” 
cop car 190
Councilman Bobby Howard has transformed the retired police car into a drunk driving deterrent by placing stickers on the vehicle with anti-drunk driving messages. The car doesn’t give people rides home from places which serve alcohol, but it can be found outside them, warning patrons about the dangers and cost of driving while under the influence. The car is also seen regularly at city events. 

“Being prominent with it is what we want to do,” Howard told Blackwood. “Everyone has gathered around it and embraced it. The message means nothing unless we get it out there.”

Blackwood said he would like to see the Cop Cab to be at events sponsored by his office in the future. 

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