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County Leaders Cut Ribbon for Renovated Wastewater Facility

Purchased in 1972, Crooked Creek is Gwinnett’s oldest wastewater facility. The latest enhancements bring the plant to a higher treatment standard while improving safety, efficiency and reliability.

Crooked Creek Wastewater Facility in Norcross, 2010/2021

“Despite the challenges of rehabilitating this facility while it was still operating, Crooked Creek continued to function normally and received no violations,” said Board Chairwoman Nicole Hendrickson. “This highlights the hard work put in by the Department of Water Resources and the employees who serve the County daily.”

During the four-year construction period, Crooked Creek was awarded the Georgia Association of Water Professionals Large Wastewater Treatment Plant of the year — twice.

“Serving our residents is top priority,” said District 2 Commissioner Ben Ku. “This is an example of Gwinnett’s commitment to providing high-quality water and wastewater treatment services to our residents, maintaining a functioning sewer collection system and discharging treated water in an environmentally responsible way.”

To place the size of Crooked Creek into perspective — there are 2.3 million feet of wiring and cable. That’s the distance from Atlanta to Orlando. In addition, there were 820,000 cubic yards of earthwork moved on the project, which equates to area the size of a football field – 46 stories tall.

The reinforcement is equal to the weight of 49, 757 airplanes stacked on top of each other.