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Dance Mixer Magic

Love really does show on the faces of couples who are in love. That is exactly how this writer found Donna and Charles Broome. Their love for one another was obvious on a rainy, cold January morning when I walked into Parkside Bakery to meet a friend. In fact, it was magic enough to compel me to interrupt their breakfast to ask them how long they had been married.

Charlie and Donna Broome at their favorite coffee and bagel spot in Grayson

That is when Charles said, “Have a seat and we will tell you about it.” A couple of coffees later, I had the lead on a beautiful love story. My friend, whose love story I was there to learn about, thought it to be every bit the magic moment I found it to be. 

Charles-Donna-Broome-Wedding-RTCharles Broome likes to dance. He loves a Harley and is as charming as a prince. His smile is genuine and his zest for life hides the fact that he is 77 years old, yet explains his “seize the moment” kind of attitude. When he hit the dance floor at the Bethesda Senior Center in June of 2006, he never dreamed he would spot the love of a lifetime. “Neither one of us was looking for anyone,” says Donna Broome. “It was meant to be.” At that first dance, Charles worked and worked the mixer until he was positioned to swoop in and dance with Donna. Later on, he asked her if she had ever been on a Hog. “I told him I had not and I never intended to ride a motorcycle,” says Donna. These days though, Donna loves to take to the road with Charles and is as comfortable on the back of his bike as she is dancing in his arms.

Although Donna and Charles both believe that their meeting was not just chance, Charles laughs when he says, “She certainly didn’t make it easy.” Being a gentleman, Charles offered his phone number, but didn’t ask for Donna’s. He waited and figured that she wasn’t interested. However, she stayed on his mind and he stayed on hers. Two weeks would go by and then they met again at the Bethesda Senior Center for another dance. July 1st 2006 would be their first “date” at the American Legion Dance in Loganville. After that dance, the magic set in. 

Dancing and motorcycles were not the only interests that Charles enjoys. He also loves to sing. With two CDs to his credit, Charles continues to sing both religious and secular songs. Donna does have a favorite song, which brings tears to her eyes. “I love Keeper of the Stars,” says Donna. “We had it played at our wedding.”

Their wedding, which took place on 7-7-2007 at 7:00pm was celebrated by friends and family. The guest list included WSBTV personality Monica Pearson who sang the Ave Maria- and who happens to own a Harley. Standing up with Charles was another Harley rider of Atlanta media note, Rhubarb Jones. Needless to say, it was an eventful event, but Charles only had eyes for the lovely lady wearing a stunning blue dress that matched her eyes to perfection. “My first thought was that I had just seen the most beautiful woman in the world and we were going to be married,” says Charles. If you ask this couple if there are miracles and love to be had in later years, they would both readily agree that it is important to dance.