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Diamond dance


He took classical piano lessons for nine years but, when Kenneth Paryo performs, don’t expect to hear Mozart.

Kenneth Paryo grew up in a musical family.  His mom was worried about him getting hurt in sports so she steered him toward piano keys instead of basketball courts.  Like many young men, Kenneth had other interests as well.  “My parents got me into music,” he said, “but dancing I got into myself.”

Kenneth Paryo

EARLGRAYKenneth would watch dance videos and mimic the moves he liked.  He taught himself the art of Popping, a unique style of dance that grew out of the streets of Los Angeles.  In 2008, he auditioned for America’s Got Talent!  Performing to music he composed himself Kenneth popped his way through the early rounds of the competition.  The judges later voted him through to Las Vegas before he was finally eliminated.

“It was a great feeling,” Kenneth said about the experience.  “Going to Vegas I knew I would be on TV and that was a huge step for me.”

Kenneth did get a break from being on the show but it wasn’t from getting national exposure.  Backstage he met someone that books entertainment for various sporting events and fairs.  The next thing you know Kenneth is taking the fields at minor league baseball parks as “Breakin’ BBoy McCoy.”  In between innings, the fans think he’s a real batboy, but then the music – and the moves – start, and the reaction is what you would get when the home team hits a grand slam.  Just like a minor league player, Kenneth has gotten the ‘call’ to the Majors a couple of times.  Last year he took his act to the ball parks of the Texas Rangers and Boston Red Sox.  Kenneth has performed at the Braves minor league park in Rome but he hasn’t been called up to Turner Stadium yet.

Kenneth said he performs at baseball games about 2-3 times a week during the season.  When not dancing on a diamond, he can be found in comedy clubs.  He has a routine that’s part stand-up comedy, part dance.  Locally, he has performed at the Punchline and the Laughing Skull comedy clubs.  He tours college campuses as well.

When not on the road Kenneth is usually relaxing at home in Lawrenceville working up new material for all of his acts.  “It’s fun,” he said.  “I don’t punch a clock and I enjoy the challenge of coming up with new material.”

True to his roots, Kenneth would like to one day be a music producer.  But it never hurts to have a back-up plan, and Kenneth has a few.

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