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Doctoring… in the family

Doctors Jimenez

In 1978, the Jimenez family put down roots in Snellville. It was a very small town then and the medical profession was just beginning to blossom. Prior to new doctors arriving, most folks had to travel to be seen by most specialists.

Dr Louis Jimenez (L) works with son Dr Dorian Jimenez and daughter Dr Margo Jimenez-Menke at Gwinnett Foot and Ankle.

A podiatrist was certainly a welcome addition. For Louis and Jeanette Jimenez, Snellville seemed like a great place to raise a family, so they began a practice that they could never have imagined would grow into the family business that it has become.

Raising three children is tough work, but Louis and Jeanette managed to do it while establishing a medical practice. “Jeanette did a little bit of everything here in the office,” says Louis. “Mostly, she has been transcribing my notes for so many years, which isn’t too easy.” 

The kids, now grown, have their own stories to tell about growing up around the office. And growing up around the office certainly had an effect on their own choices in life. 

All three of the Jimenez kids grew up to further their education in medicine; to become doctors like their dad. Margo and Dorian became podiatrists and joined the family practice and the youngest, Damien, chose oral surgery as his medical path. Dr. Margo and Dr. Dorian have both joined their dad at Gwinnett Foot and Ankle where they specialize in helping people prevent, treat and recover from a variety of foot care issues. 

Damien began his medical career by simply growing up the third child in a family who spent a great deal of time in a world defined by medicine. “I did everything in the office over the years-including cutting the grass,” says Damien. “When my brother and sister decided to work with dad, I thought I wanted to try something different.” Different turned out to be a family-oriented dental office in Snellville. “We were one ‘Medical Family’ in Snellville, but the Mazzawi’s were the other,” explains Damien. “The time I spent there showed me where my medical talents were.” As of this publication, Damien is making a move to Colorado where he has joined an oral surgery practice and looks forward to living in a state with lots of outdoor living to be enjoyed. “I will miss my family a great deal,” says Dr. Damien. “I will especially miss all my nieces and nephews.” 

Dr. Margo feels the same way about her youngest brother. “My daughter, Lily, is completely obsessed with Uncle Damien-we will miss him.” She goes on to describe how close the family is and what it meant for she and her brothers to choose medicine as a career. “We work together and like to be together because we actually like each other,” says Dr. Margo. “I love my brothers-they are my best friends.” Becoming doctors seemed like a natural fit to Dr. Margo. Spending time at the office, going on rounds with dad, watching him work with patients in a clinic setting and in surgery all had a profound effect on their time growing up. The idea of working with her family became even more appealing when Dr. Dorian chose to study podiatry, so Dr. Margo decided that it was a great choice for her too. “If I had a chance to hang with my brother the rest of my life, then that is what I wanted to do.” 

Dr. Dorian was not as easy to convince that podiatry was the path he wanted to take. “Of course, as the oldest, I had this attitude that I wasn’t going to do what mom and dad wanted me to do,” says Dr. Dorian. Although, Dr. Dorian knew he wanted to study medicine, he didn’t feel compelled to study podiatry. “I tried different areas,” says Dr. Dorian. “But, I finally realized that I could see that my dad was generally happy all of the time.” He decided to “give it a week” and followed his dad through his days.

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