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“Donuts with David” a Highlight for Philadelphia Winn NSDAR Daughters Continental Congress 2017

Memories and photos abound after returning from Continental Congress in Washington D.C. this summer!  One of their many highlights was having "Donuts with David."  

Constituents from across Georgia, Senator Perdue, (to his left) (HODAR) Jim Freeman. Past Regent Peggy Freeman, Judy Richards Sherling, Regent Oliver Morton Chapter, Gray, GA who set up the meeting.

That would be Senator David Perdue, Junior Senator from Georgia.  Senator Perdue is the only Fortune 500 CEO in Congress and has over 40 years of business experience.  Senator Perdue is also a cousin to Past Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue who currently serves as Agriculture Secretary.  For the 115th Congress, Senator Perdue serves on the Armed Services Committee; Banking Committee; Agriculture Committee; and Budget Committee. 

 Senator David Perdue, Historian Randi Minor, back row Cynthia Davis, Renee Weilbrenner Senator David Perdue, Historian Randi Minor, back row Cynthia Davis, Renee WeilbrenneSome of the Daughters from Philadelphia Winn Chapter NSDAR in Lawrenceville were in attendance.  Senator Perdue, ever gracious, said “I can’t tell you how pleased I am that the Georgia Daughters, my constituents, made time to visit my office while in D.C.”  

"Donuts with David" sign with Regent Kitty Watters“Donuts with David” sign with Regent Kitty WattersTen Daughters, one HODAR (husband of DAR) and one pending member from Philadelphia Winn Chapter attended Continental Congress this summer in Washington, D.C.