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Dream Clean for a healthy and happy home

Dream Clean for a healthy and happy home
By Beth Volpert

Dreams are important. Taking care of yourself is important. Establishing and maintaining your dreams within the walls of your home or office is also very important. To help with the dream of a welcoming home or office, Sandra LeMay and her teams will work their magic to make your home or office is a clean dream come true. 

“I have always liked to clean,” says Sandra. As a child, Sandra grew up in a home with five girls, her mom, dad, and grandmother. “There was only one bath; my mom would have to manage us all in the mornings so that we all got bathroom time and didn’t argue.” To do that, Sandra’s mom would assign morning chores around the bathroom rotation. “I don’t like to cook at all,” says Sandra. “I would trade chores with my sister who liked to cook and I would do the cleaning.” 

That early start cleaning her family home developed into a habit and a skill that would allow Sandra to start her own business. A few years after she developed her own small cleaning business, Sandra’s husband, Peter, encouraged her to expand her services. “I train the staff at my own home,” says Sandra. “That way, I see for myself if they have the skill sets needed to provide exceptional service to my residential and commercial customers”. 

Proving to her customers that her teams take their work seriously is important to Sandra. In order to provide that proof, Sandra has developed her own “Penny Test”. The “Penny Test” entails leaving a penny in an inconspicuous area and then checking after the cleaning team has been through to make sure that all the rugs have been lifted and the corners have been swept. “The staff know that they have to do a good job because that penny could be hidden anywhere in a house or office.” 

Providing a clean home or office is very important to Sandra and her team. There are many benefits to having a clean environment that extend beyond the surface. (See inset).  ”I like to make people happy and when their home is clean, I know that gives them time for other things that they would rather do like spending time with family and friends.” 

To honor her mother, who lost a battle with cancer in 1998 and who was responsible for Sandra’s habit of cleaning, Sandra provides discounted services to people who are going through treatment for cancer.  “We go into a home and provide basic cleaning services including cleaning bathrooms, living areas, common areas and the kitchen,” says Sandra.

In addition to her altruistic work with those who are battling illness, Sandra also belongs to New Lawrenceville Networking. The networking group holds fundraising activities that benefit the local community. “I volunteer my time and effort so that I keep my feet on the earth,” says Sandra. “If you take the time to do things like that, it can be very satisfying.” 

Sandra may be running a business now, but she still takes the time to work in the field cleaning with her teams. “I want my customers to know that I am in the field working alongside my teams to ensure they are getting the best service possible from Dream Clean; I want my cleaning crews to know that I am not asking them to do something that I wouldn’t do myself,” says Sandra. “I enjoy ‘getting my hands dirty’ and I am grateful that I have the time to do estimates, meet with customers and do some of the cleaning. Thanks to Sage Office Systems, I don’t have to spend valuable time on my backend office responsibilities and bookkeeping. By hiring a company to manage my office I can focus most of my time on operations and marketing,” stated Sandra. 

As the holiday season begins, Sandra encourages folks to book her teams early so that they might decorate on a clean slate. “The holidays are a time for cooking, celebrating, and family,” says Sandra. “Leave the cleaning to us so that you can enjoy the season.”

Book Sandra and her top-notch cleaning teams today so that your dreams of a clean home or a well-maintained office will become a reality. And think of the fun you might have dreaming up places to hide a penny. Go ahead, dream on…Dream Clean is up to the challenge. Check them out at: 

The 5 S’s of Cleaning
Using what the Dream Clean team calls the 5 S’s of Cleaning 
Dream Clean insures your home or office will be a much happier place to work, play and just live.

Staying healthy is very good reason to clean, and the Dream Clean staff knows the importance of this. 
They also know that: Dust can cause breathing problems
Germs, Fungi, and bacteria can thrive in unclean conditions
Insects and bugs find cluttered homes easier to infiltrate than homes cleaned on a regular basis.
Cleaning beats aspirin in preventing the common cold and other dangerous diseases.

Keeping things neat and orderly prevents accidents in the home or work place.

Scenery and Serenity: 
Keeping clean keeps you functioning well physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Dirt and disarray rob you of space, freedom, health and production. Sloppy surroundings affect your thoughts, emotions and performance.

Cleaning reduces expenses.
Dirty things depreciate faster.
Leaving things messy eventually takes more cleaning products and cleaning effort.
Dust wears down flooring. It also plugs up coils and vents wasting electricity.