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Eastside Medical Center Announces Uninsured Assistance Hotline

Eastside’s free hotline assists community members whose insurance coverage has been impacted by life-changing events such as job loss or reduced income.

Eastside Medical Center

As a member of the HCA Healthcare family, Eastside Medical Center is now offering an insurance hotline to assist community members and patients whose insurance coverage has been impacted by a life-changing event, such as job loss or reduced income.

“Just as we set up a COVID-19 hotline at the start of the crisis, we want to make sure we’re there to help our community as we move forward,” said Trent Lind, Chief Executive Officer at Eastside Medical Center. “Many have lost their health insurance coverage as a result of the economic impact caused by COVID-19. In many cases, this is causing our community to feel hesitant about going to the hospital when experiencing symptoms of medical emergencies, such as strokes or heart attacks. This hotline is one way we’re committed to ensuring our community receives the care they need during this time.”

Hotline advisors can discuss eligibility and advocacy services appropriate for a variety of scenarios, such as:

• Continuing your employer’s existing plan if you have recently lost your job (COBRA and other options)  
• Applying for coverage via a spouse’s benefit program
• Resources that may help offset the costs of health insurance
• Medicaid: Government healthcare for those that meet certain criteria
• State and federal health insurance exchanges (such as the Affordable Care Act), and how to enroll due to a changing life event

Additionally, while the global spread of COVID-19 has made a tremendous impact on how hospitals and physicians conduct patient care, one thing that has never changed is Eastside’s commitment to the safety of every patient.

“Eastside’s facilities are staffed with experienced clinicians who are ready to assist patients with health emergencies, whether COVID-19 related or not,” Lind stated. “Eastside is proactively engaged in the safe management of COVID-19, and we have put a strong emphasis on ensuring that protections are in place at our sites of care. This means that our emergency departments continue to be a safe place to seek medical attention no matter what your health concerns.”

Access to emergency services remains available to all, and patients with urgent health concerns, whether COVID-19 related or not, should not put off medical attention.

Eastside Medical Center is not representing any other company or selling insurance plans, the goal of the uninsured assistance hotline is simply to help you get the information you need so you can confidently manage your health needs. The hotline is open to all and offers free, confidential and personalized guidance. If you need insurance coverage option assistance, call (833) 867-8771 from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday.