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Eastside Medical Center launches ER wait time digital billboard display at 1520 Tree Lane and Ronald Reagan Parkway

(Snellville, GA) (May 9, 2017)- Eastside Medical Center has launched a new digital billboard that will display the hospital’s average ER wait time. The digital clock will update every 30 minutes and will represent a rolling four hour average of the time from patient arrival until the time the patient is greeted by a Medical Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician’s Assistant and a medical screening exam is initiated.

Eastside Medical Center

Eastside Medical Center understands that when an emergency occurs every second is critical.

“Eastside is dedicated to the care and improvement of human life which begins with expedited access to health care providers and the initiation of appropriate care,” explained Eastside Medical Center’s Directory of Emergency Services Kevin Dalrymple, “We have continued to improve our patient experience and reduce our wait times from arrival to departure for our patients in the Emergency Department by 25% over the past year and our wait time is now down to an average of 10 minutes or less. The community we serve has our commitment that we will continue to strive to provide safe, quality care in an efficient manner to meet all of their health care needs.”

While a patient will be greeted and given a medical screening exam by a medical provider within this time period, treatment will be provided to the most critical patients first. Patients will be taken to their ER exam room in the order of the seriousness of their medical complaint.

Eastside medical billboard“The team here at Eastside is working hard each day to enhance the patient experience not only in the emergency department but throughout our entire system of care,” said Eastside Medical Center’s Chief Executive Officer Trent Lind, “With the emergency department being the first point of care for many of our patients, our promise to deliver superior patient care begins there and will continue throughout their treatment at Eastside. The team here at Eastside has worked diligently to improve the processes in our emergency department over the last year. We want to ensure that every patient has a positive experience every time they enter the doors at Eastside.”

Eastside Medical Center’s digital billboard display will help time-pressed consumers when they have to think fast in an emergency situation by providing them with accurate updates on what they can expect upon arrival. The wait time is also displayed on the hospital’s website at