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Eddie’s Notes – Safety in Regular Maintenance

Murphy’s law "Whatever can go wrong will go wrong." The chances of toast falling with the buttered side up depends on the cost of the carpet.

Eddie Price, Eddie's Automotive Service

If a tool is dropped while working on a car it will roll to the exact center of the car. Murphy and I could be brothers. I see things the same way. One of my favorite mottos is “Plan for the worst, pray for the best.”

What does all this have to do with vehicle maintenance? Everything! I’m always puzzled when someone asks “I know it is considered broken but how long can I go before it is really broken??” or “Can I make it till payday?”

These are impossible questions to answer (see the first Murphy’s law). If I answer no, “you should not operate this vehicle in this condition”, the customer disregards my warning and they drive it for 3 months without a problem, then I’m labeled as over barring and trying to sell them something they didn’t need. On the other hand, if I answer “everything should be okay” and then the vehicle fails then I did not know what I was talking about and was trying to get them killed. Seems a catch 22 of sorts, and this leads to another motto I like: The best offense is a good defense.

Vehicle maintenance is the same way. If your life is as hectic as mine, you never know when or what will happen next. If your vehicle has not been maintained regularly it may let you down when you really need it.
Heaven forbid if you get on the road and have a breakdown.
What if it was an emergency and you have to get to your destination?

Can you afford to put off that needed service and repairs?

Can you afford to be stranded on the side of the road? What if it happens in the “wrong side of town”?

Planned vehicle maintenance is much easier to do than unplanned breakdowns. Last month I replaced an engine just because it was run without oil. “Didn’t have the time to check it”,“Didn’t have the $35 to change the oil” now over $3,500 later and being without a vehicle for a week or two. Does this make sense?

Summer is coming fast. We all have cabin fever and will probably be hitting the road somewhere this summer. So, get that vehicle in for service before your road trip. Don’t let problems with your vehicle take away from your trip time. Also, think about leaving your other vehicle with us for service while you are gone.

Remember we store vehicles left with us inside our building at night and on the weekends, you can not get more secure than that.
“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is your motto- get a new motto. How about “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you could do today” or get a new car- your choice.

For your convenience, we have early bird or late drop-off and if you are paying with a credit card we can process most of them over the phone so you can pick up your vehicle anytime.
Until next time may you be successful at every good thing you do and remember to give thanks for where you live and the blessings you have.