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Elected leaders will affect your home values

Be sure to vote and know those who are running to represent YOUR EQUITY.

Municipalities have qualified their leaders who will be running for elected office. These people seeking your votes are the representation for a community. They will make decisions daily, weekly, monthly and in most cases for the next 4 years for your community.

Rodney Camren

These woman and men who end up elected to represent you make decisions about infrastructure, ordinances, what businesses should or should not be part of the community and over all guide the direction of where your community will be in the future. 

Vote!Many community leaders take great pride in their representation and do all they can to improve the quality of life for its citizens.  A beautiful and perfect example in Gwinnett is the Historic Norcross community “A Place to Imagine”.   Mayor Bucky Johnson and his City Council members have proven that with their community efforts.   This town is absolutely amazing in every direction of the City Limits you may venture.   The City is named after the 4th Mayor of Atlanta and from their website (which is readable in four languages – English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese)  the town of Norcross grew to become known as “Atlanta’s Favorite Summer Resort”, a destination for Atlanta’s who rode the train north to escape the hot dry summer conditions of the city. Here, they could enjoy lakeside camping, or stay at one of the town’s three luxury hotels. Norcross was a thriving community whose economic growth was fueled by area farms and mercantile business, and the mainstay presence of the trains.

With well over 100 years of history, Norcross offers a rich abundance of stories and tales. The years have painted a charming patina that cannot be created by anything other than the passing of time.  The early Victorians and craftsman cottages have been carefully restored and the old brick buildings of downtown still create the hub of the community. For many, it still represents a place to escape the hustle of the big city, a welcome alternative to suburbia. 

The City of Norcross offers a lifestyle that appeals to those who want to enjoy the time-honored values of family and community, in a place that embraces diversity and creativity. It’s a place where historic charm blends with the easy-energy of new urbanism . . . where it’s easy to live and work and play. Norcross respects and preserves its past, while continuing to thrive with creative vision. Norcross is indeed a place to imagine. 

I specifically mention the City of Norcross, Georgia as a way to prove their efforts have helped keep property values on the rise.  I just listed a home at $600,000 that SOLD in less than 3 weeks.  The number of people that came through the Sunday Open houses was never below 50 people.  Where else in the other 16 City Limits of any of Municipality of Gwinnett County do you have home values that high?  There are some areas that are in the $300k -$500k but this home was listed at $600,000.  You can walk to parks, shopping, City Hall, restaurants with an easy drive to any major freeway, hospital, school or downtown Atlanta.   

As a Realtor, I find many communities have Code Ordinances for both Residential and Commercial properties, however, if they are not enforced that’s when neighborhood and corridor entrances start to be neglected and property values are depleted.  It is important that leaders stay on top of this with their local law enforcement.  If they don’t then undesirable entities start creeping into your community and property values plummet, along with schools systems.  

So your job as a citizen is to be sure to become educated on the candidates running for office and to make sure they believe in keeping your home values up and your community a desirable community for those who want to purchase homes in your area.  Elected leaders of the past had made many mistakes and it is clearly evident when you ride through their towns.    Once a town is behind other cities, dirty, riddled with undesirable neighborhoods and commercial businesses and low-ranking schools it almost takes an act of God to turn it around.   

So whether you are an old historic town trying to grease the wheels of mistakes made by leaders of the past and the good ole boy network or a new town just established and living the good life, be sure you know who will represent you in upcoming elections.  Your home values depend on it, especially when homes are usually the biggest investment in a family’s lifetime.

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