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Enjoy it while you’re there

Enjoy it while you’re there
By Mandy Snell

I am 50 years old, and it still doesn't seem real. Not that I haven't earned every gray hair and/or all the changes that come with age. Because if that is how age is measured, I would be 70 or 75 ! I'm sure most of you probably feel that way too. I find myself remembering back to when my aunt(s) would tell me, "Enjoy being able to do that, cause in a few years it won't be possible!" 

Mandy SnellTwo of the incidents I recall most are, 

1) I was jumping off our diving board, learning how to do a front flip (as you know, a lot of belly flops & back flops occur during that). Lol and ouch!

2) I was carrying my nephew on my shoulders across the pasture after we had cut down a Christmas tree. Well, they could not have been more right. I find myself  telling kids and young adults the same thing.

This year was the year that most of the class of 1982 have/will turn 50! Which works out very well for all of us because we are going  through the same things. From aches and pains to those things you find yourself buying, that you never pictured yourself buying! My cousin and her friend were at the grocery store and when they got to the check out line, she had stool softeners and he had prune juice. Ha, neither was on the list, but apparently, didn’t need to be. These are just a couple of examples that we can actually laugh about. But there are other health related issues that cannot or should not be laughed at, no need to list them… However, they all seem to be a part of getting oldER! 

I thank the Lord everyday that when I was younger I could walk, run, jump and dance. Because now, well I can only dream about those things. I don’t mind being 50, because the journey that got me here was nothing but spectacular! ALL the friends I have made, all the things I have done, and all the things I have seen… I wouldn’t trade those things for ANYTHING!  I’ll always question a few things in my past, but not sure I would change them. All of these things have helped me become the person I am now. So I guess what I/we should do, is just sit back and look forward to 60 and beyond!  Here’s to being a half of a century old, woo hoo and cheers!!!                       

                             Mandy Snell Harris

Mandy Snell is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about growing up in Snellville and its history. Have any Growing up in Snellville stories to share? Comment below!