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Eurofed Automotive… shifting into high gear

The parallel roads that connect owners Darko Kitic and Miki Bajric are uncanny. They are both from Bosnia, spent their younger years in Germany and moved with their families to the United States in 1999, but they never met until a little under two years ago.

Darko Kitic and Miki Bajric, co-owners of Eurofed, specialize in repairing and restoring European model cars, but service all types of cars and trucks with the same care as the classics.

It was their slight obsession with the classic Volkswagen GTI that connected the two. “A friend of ours knew we both loved the GTI and introduced us,” says Miki. “We both wanted to open a shop of our own, so we started looking.” Six months of looking led to their Snellville location at 3150 Main Street West. “It was a natural fit to go into business together,” says Darko.The pair opened for business 7 months ago and have found their skills to be in high demand. 

Eurofed Automotive specializes in European models like Volkswagen, Mercedes, Audi, and BMW, but the car enthusiasts who sought their specialized services soon began bringing in their Japanese and domestic vehicles for the superior work they found. “We service any car the same way we would a classic,” says Darko. “Taking care of all the cars to the fullest is just our way.”

eurofed 2190Both men have families and like to travel to car shows where they meet with other car enthusiasts. Project cars end up in the shop and are a particular pleasure to see “brought back to life.” “We do a lot of engine swaps,” says Miki. “We might put a 2005-2010 engine into a 1983 Rabbit.” Engine swaps and restoration drive the classic part of the business, but they agree that all cars deserve “classic attention”. Both Darko and Miki are currently restoring the cars they dreamed of owning as kids in Germany-the VW GTI. “What started as a hobby is now a career,” says Miki. “Now we get to do both.

As if opening a new business and restoring classic dreams was not enough to keep the family men busy, they have also revealed a new custom part; the first in a planned series of custom parts. Darko, Miki and three friends developed a new shifter that will be ready for the market in July. Specific to VW racing, the group expects the shifter to appeal to enthusiasts of all sorts. “With my previous experience in automotive sales and our love for these cars, we are able to offer many more custom parts,” says Darko. “Our plans for the future are in the early stages of development, but they are moving along.” 

Eurofed has an active Facebook Page along with a website featuring project and repair photos of beautiful cars ready to be refurbished, polished, and revved for the big show. The parallel road that both Darko and Miki traveled as kids has been replaced with the intersection of Business and Enthusiast. There is no doubt, no matter what roads they take, both will be driving a gleaming  restored VW GTI. 

For more information visit: or 770-674-5659.