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Fast Auto Sales, buying a used car with confidence

The used car business is a bit of a mystery to most. Questions arise as to financing methods, car condition, service after the sale, and a host of other concerns that stem from the process of buying a used car.

Fast Auto Sales finds you the right car

Fast Auto Sales seeks to answer those questions and provide a way for almost anyone to find the right car, with the right financing, at the best price he and his staff can provide.

Fast Auto Sales didn’t start out in the car sales business. They were more acquainted with the professional drag racing circuit. With a love and appreciation for a well-built car, a well-maintained engine, and an appealing auto body, Fast Auto began building a different used car sales business. “We here at Fast Auto Sales believe in offering a better car/truck/suv, and by that, we mean we have our own on-staff buyer who is not focused on who will pay the most for a virtually unknown car.” Fast Auto Sales is extremely choosy when it comes to purchasing cars at auction and preparing them for sale with financing through their company. Their company reputation rides out the door with each sale and future business depends on those customers referring others to their stores.

“The Buy Here/Pay Here concept has been around for a long time, we go beyond typical in-house financing to make sure customers can get into a vehicle.” Knowing that customers who come to the lot are often credit challenged, the staff at Fast Auto Sales goes beyond the standard credit application and actually sits down with the customer to hear them tell their story and their needs in their own words. “Our clientele often have a tight budget, so we sit with them to figure out a successful method of financing with a payment they can handle without setting them up to fail, we want them to be successful, that is our intent in financing a car.”

In addition to providing acceptable financing, Fast Auto Sales also offers a 12 month/12,000 mile nationwide service contract. The service contract is backed up by their own local service department that also checks out all vehicles prior to the sale. “The vehicle will be serviced before anyone purchases it and all units are equipped with a GPS tracking system that allows them to assist the client if a vehicle is ever stolen.

The interactive website gives many of the answers to common car buying questions which helps prepare potential clients for the Fast Auto Sales experience. “We don’t follow trends in the market, we set a course where we like to see everyone treated fairly and with respect. We simply build a better product all around for our customer.” Combining flexible financing with a solid vehicle leads to good customer relations. Visit them today at where you can click the Big Green YES! Button to investigate your own options for buying a car.

For independent dealers who are tired of the “Floor Plan Blues”, we have the answers. Call 678-869-3278.