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Faulty Contractor Workmanship Can Cost You

Spring is around the corner and many people are ready to get home remodels and upgrades. Everyone wants the most competitive estimates on these projects.

Just be careful of contractors who may talk about “short cuts” and those who try to get around permits when required. Faulty contractor workmanship can cost you later with future repairs and the real possibility of an insurance claim being denied. Homeowners policies will not cover faulty workmanship.

Satellite dishes installed directly on the roof puncturing the shingles and plywood leading to a water spot on the ceiling or a small stream of water down the side of the wall inside the home. Decks and roofs with no flashing, which is the last measure of defense against water will often get water damage inside walls. Replacement windows that are installed improperly can let in water which can cause bubbling paint, water damage to the walls inside and mold. All these examples could lead to a claim being denied.

If you personally had the work done by an insured contractor, a claim could be filed against the contractor’s general liability policy. But if the work was done before you bought the home by an unknown contractor, you may be stuck with the repair costs. Before you try to file a claim, get estimates and photos and contact your agent.

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