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Finding a perfect teen gift

Finding a perfect teen gift
By Chris Cotter and Hunter Cole

Figuring out what your kid wants for their birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion can often be one of the hardest tasks to complete. It’s difficult to tell what they may actually like, especially when if the teen is not that active.

Chris Cotter and Hunter Cole, Journalists, Couch Middle School

Parents go through trouble every year to find a gift that they think their child would actually like or want. No parent wants to get their teen some crappy gift that forces them to put a fake smile on their face. They are in search of a gift that will light up a teenager’s world!

We believe that if a parent follows these two simple suggestions they will have the solution to finding the best gifts for their children! Getting to know what your teen likes can help you tremendously in the long run. Hacking into the mind of teens, however, is not the easiest thing to do!

The first suggestion is to ask their friends for advice. Make sure to go to the friends that they hang around the most. These are the friends that your child tells everything to – from what they did yesterday to what they ate for breakfast. They will have ideas for the perfect gifts to get for your child!

Another helpful hint is to check out your child’s social media sites. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are easy sites to find out your child’s main feelings about things. Kids post comments or pictures every day and often include their hobbies.

If sitting around and searching the web 24/7 for ideas hasn’t helped you in the past – it probably won’t help you at all in the future. Get to know your child. It’s the best way to understand what they want or like. Find activities to do together such as shopping at their favorite store or playing sports. Get out into the open world and find out what interests them.

Every teen in the world’s mind is a mystery waiting to be solved. Apply these helpful hints to get into the mind of your child and you will be successful over the holidays!

Every parent wants their kid to be in love with their gift and to love you more than ever. To all those parents out there, hopefully you will take this advice to find the best gift ever!

Remember – a connection between a parent and a child during the teen years is vital for a healthy relationship. The perfect gift will have you both smiling from ear to ear!

Couch Middle School RAMS

Chris Cotter and Hunter Cole are Journalism students at Couch Middle School. ‘Bridging the Gap’ is a Couch Middle School column written by teens to help ‘Bridge the Gap’ between teenagers and parents. Couch Middle School, located in Grayson, is a part of the Grayson Cluster. The Principal is Devon Williams.