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Finding a Victim’s Voice

Finding a Victim’s Voice
NPD’s Criminal Investigation Division is expanding the team's ability to solve local crimes with new training and equipment.

City of Norcross, GA (June 10, 2014) - Jeramy Anderson recently became the Norcross Police Department’s (NPD) first Crime Scene Technician (CST) a certification that enhances the PD’s ability to potentially track down criminals.

NPD expanding ability to solve crimes

Previously, when a local crime scene required specialized examination, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) was brought in to lead efforts to collect and analyze evidence. Now, with Anderson’s new certification, the NPD can conduct the same sophisticated level of investigation in-house. His caseload is also entirely local, allowing a more focused concentration on solving crimes that have impacted Norcross citizens. The GBI and NPD will still collaborate on major cases, with Anderson’s expertise strengthening the partnership and law enforcement’s potential for apprehending criminals.

Anderson’s responsibilities include collecting clues that may easily remain unseen by the untrained eye, and to do so in a manner that qualifies them as legal evidence in a criminal trial. He’s trained to properly photograph and sketch crime scenes, lift and compare fingerprints and collect even the most imperceptible pieces of evidence.

“I always enjoy solving a case when there is not much available except a fingerprint or possible DNA,” says Anderson.

Anderson’s certification is one of the first steps in the City’s plans to expand the NPD Criminal Investigations Division. The department was recently granted approval to use seized-drug funds to purchase state-of-the-art fingerprinting equipment.

“Like fingerprint-matching technology seen on crime shows, this new equipment will allow us to operate more efficiently and analyze evidence faster than we ever could before,” explains Norcross Chief of Police Warren Summers.

Having a CST on staff and equipped with the proper tools enhances the NPD’s ability to apprehend criminals, solve cases and get criminals off the streets before they strike again. On call 24/7 and holidays, Anderson considers it an honor to be the City’s first CST, expressing a sincere desire to serve the NPD and the people of Norcross.

“The crime scene is the victim’s voice, and it is our job to communicate that to a jury, and hopefully bring justice,” says Anderson.

About the Norcross Police Department:
The Norcross Police Department has earned a CALEA (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement, Inc.) “Flagship” rating, placing it in the top 1% of the top 5% of all law enforcement agencies in the United States. They have been certified by the State of Georgia Law Enforcement Agency since 2000 in addition to being CALEA since 1997. The department is known for its progressive use of technology including predictive policing (PredPol), as well as its pro-active strategies to engage the Hispanic community in local public safety initiatives.The men and women of the Norcross Police Department are highly trained and committed to providing professional law enforcement services to the Norcross community.