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Finding your “thing”

Finding your "thing"
By Ella Thomas

Most everybody has his or her "thing". By that I mean it's something like an interest, a hobby or a sport that they love. For me, this was next to impossible to discover. I have tried pretty much everything, and I mean everything. You name it and, most likely, I've tried it (maybe even twice).

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I’ve attempted swimming, gymnastics (twice), tap dancing, hip-hop dancing, ballet(twice), soccer, basketball, piano, pottery classes, softball, and tennis (twice). I have stuck with none of them. As you can see, it was very difficult for me to figure out what my “thing” was. But, ever since I first ice-skated when I was younger, I thought it would be so great to take skating lessons. I have actually been considering it since I was about five and I went skating for my first time.

Ever since I started my lessons only two months ago, it has been nothing but wonderful. I get to do something three times a week that I used to only do on special occasions. I started kind of late, so I am pretty much the oldest and tallest one in my group. It’s kind of laughable most of the time though because all the people in my group are on the same level as me (sometimes even a little better) but they are all a lot younger, It’s also kind of funny to be struggling to do my two foot spins, and then to go out and see the younger kids doing so many spins that it makes me dizzy. It’s still really fun to try new and challenging things every week, except that can be a little hard to me at times. In fact, my teacher will tell me to fall (on purpose) so I won’t be scared of falling when trying something new. It’s really amusing to me, at least, because I try my hardest to go down gracefully when I fall, but that is actually really difficult to execute. I’m pretty sure I look really klutzy (not going to say it’s not entirely true) when I am attempting to fall “gracefully”.

So don’t worry if you still haven’t found your “thing”. Even if it takes trying every activity there is, it’s well worth it to be involved in something you are passionate about. You may find it tomorrow, or maybe even many years from now, but keep searching until you do. Once you discover it you will be so glad that you did. 

That’s everything with Ella! (For now …)Ella
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