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Finishing Strong

Finishing Strong
By NG3 staff

As 2015 draws to a close, many of us will look back with fond memories and look forward to new opportunities.

For NG3, this year has brought new staff members and schools, the addition of many volunteers and huddle leaders serving the student athletes on more teams, and most importantly, a multitude of young people who now have reliable sources of truth and life pouring into them.  Looking ahead, NG3 will continue breaking new ground, building more relationships, and broadening the reach into our communities.  NG3 is adding more school directors, including their first full-time female director, their first school director intern, and has plans to expand outside the county for the first time.  With all of this growth, it helps to keep the purpose behind this organization at the forefront…

Many of us have heard the allegory of the little boy who is picking up starfish and casting them back in the water as he walks down a beach littered with a seemingly infinite number of the sea creatures.  The little boy is approached by a man who has watched the boy’s activity and is told his efforts are making no difference, to which the boy responds by picking up another starfish and casts him into the ocean saying, “I made a difference to that one.”  This is a great illustration of how we don’t have to solve all of the world’s problems at once to still make a difference, but I like to ask the question, “what if the boy wasn’t alone in making a difference and the man joined him?”  This imagery of multiplying impact, not in the lives of starfish, but in the lives of our high school students, is exactly what we picture on each and every campus where NG3 serves.  We don’t have to reach every student at a school, even though we want to, to make a difference in the next generation.  NG3 Directors at a school not only work directly with multiple sports on campus, but they are charged with finding members of the community who have a heart to serve.  NG3 then connects these volunteers with one of the 25+ teams active at their school, and voilá, the little boy on the beach is no longer alone.

This last month of the year is a great opportunity to support the charities you feel are worthy of your hard-earned money and precious time.  NG3 operates solely on the financial support of businesses, foundations, and primarily families who want to make a difference in our next generation.  If you would like to support NG3, please visit, or come out to one of the two Christmas Tree Lots hosted by NG3, at Grace Fellowship in Snellville or Grayson United Methodist Church to buy a beautiful Frazier Fir.  On behalf of students across Gwinnett County who benefit from the benevolence of others who are willing to invest in NG3…Thank You!!!

Together….we can Be the difference!

Interested in finding out more about what NG3 is doing to make a difference in the Next Generation or how you can help? Go to NG3 is a non-profit 501(c)3 independently funded by donors like you!!

P.O. Box 1429
Snellville, GA 30078

NG3 stands for Next Generation: Character  Community  Change.  Their goal is to develop men and women of character to create a positive change in our communities.  NG3 works directly with student athletes in high schools, teaching and practicing the importance of strong core values like responsibility, humility, integrity and honesty. The staff of NG3 works along side the coaches employed by the school, providing a constant presence of reliability and service.