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Five Forks Trickum Road to get roadway, signal and sidewalk upgrades

Lawrenceville – The Board of Commissioners approved major upgrades to Five Forks Trickum Road from Oak Road to Tom Smith Road on Tuesday.

CMES was the low bidder on the contract to widen and install a center turn lane on Five Forks Trickum Road.

Five Forks Trickum Road to get roadway, signal and sidewalk upgrades

The contract also includes upgrades to the intersections of Five Forks Trickum at Oak Road and Five Forks Trickum at Killian Hill Road. Concrete sidewalks will be installed along both sides of Five Forks Trickum Road, with pedestrian markings at each intersection. The improvements also include curb and gutter and drainage upgrades.

In addition, new traffic signal communication lines and equipment will be installed from Ronald Reagan Parkway to Killian Hill Road. These upgrades will allow direct communication to the traffic signals from the Traffic Control Center for timing adjustments.

The contract amount of $11,570,143.65 was the lowest of the three bids received. The contract is funded at 92 percent from the 2009 SPLOST, 6 percent from the Water and Sewer Renewal and Extension Fund and 2 percent from the 2014 SPLOST.
 (October 2016)
The Board also awarded a nearby sidewalk contract to CMES. The sidewalk project will extend along the west side of Hewatt Road from US 78 to Cherie Glen Road and carries a price tag of $322,740. The project, which includes curb, gutter and drainage improvements, is funded by the 2014 SPLOST.