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Flag Day Celebration 2019 – June 15 at the Snellville Masonic Lodge

Since Flag Day’s first observance over 130 years ago, this United Stated Flag has become a symbol recognized around the world, for liberty, freedom, and the democratic values it represents. 

Gwinnett Citizen News

Flag Day is a wonderful opportunity for all Americans to take pride in our Flag and to celebrate the banner that adorns every Post office, hospital, school, government building, and to honor every soldier, veteran and those who have given their lives to ensure “Old  Glory” continues to fly high.

The Snellville Flag Day committee invite everyone to take part in this year’s Flag Day Celebration,  scheduled on June 15th  at 10 a.m. at the Snellville Masonic Lodge. We take pride joining together to raise this year’s flag, which has been flown over the US Capital by our Senator  Johnny Isakson.

The program will include music, raising of the flag by the Snellville Police Department color guard, saying the Pledge together, and more. Many community groups will be present to make this event historic,  including; Girl Scouts and  Boy Scouts of America, the VFW, the DAV, Masonic lodge members and more. Please join us and bring your flag to wave!

The Boy Scouts will be happy to take your older flags which are ready to be retired.

The Snellville Flag Day committee can be reached at

We looking forward to your participation on June 15 at 10 a.m. at the Snellville Masonic Lodge.