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For High School Freshmen – Launch to 9th Grade

G  Gratitude and Grades – Decide upon your course selection, be thankful for each new day and work hard to earn high grades.

Carol Wood

R  Responsibility and Respect – Accept personal responsibility for both your achievement and lack thereof. Demonstrate respect for your teachers, school administrators, parents, and peers.

A  Attitude – Monitor your attitude and adjust when needed. Good study attitudes are equally important as good study habits.

D  Determination – Persevere and maintain diligence and consistency in your academic work effort. Your full-time job is to be a student!

U  Understand – Be knowledgeable of accepting your teacher’s and school’s expectations of you as a full-time student and work to meet these expectations.

A  Acknowledge – Set both long term and short term goals, ac-knowledge them daily and take action each day to reach these goals

T  Timely – Complete and turn in all assignments on time. Make academics a priority, be tenacious in earning grades indicative of your ability and be truthful about your effort when falling short.

E  Elevate – Elevate yourself to a level higher than you think you can achieve and expect nothing but your best effort, focus, and academic engagement.

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