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For Your Thoughts June2016

For Your Thoughts

By Jannetta Johnson

Read Psalm 33:21

I met Don’s Uncle, Forest and his wife Shirley, in 2008 and still write to her on special occasions. She told me of their romance when we first visited in their home in Florida. At age 10, she said, she dreamed of the man she would one day marry.

She saw his face and never forgot the way he looked. He was wearing a blue sweater. When she was 13 her father died and her family was left with no method of support. Her family had no choice but to find a family who would let her live with them in return for work she could produce. The new family did not go to church but they let her go to the church in walking distance. One day she looked up and there in the choir was the face she had seen in her dream. After the service, he took off his robe and he was wearing a blue sweater. But he had a girl friend. Shirley decided to get to know the girlfriend. She made it a point to sit by her one day and so did he. He put his strong arm around Shirley briefly and patted her on the distant shoulder. She did not see him anymore for five years. But one day someone in the church got a letter from the mystery man, asking if she still lived with the same family. She still believed she was destined to marry him and had always expected such a letter to come. They married when she was 18. There is another odd chapter to this story that I may get Shirley to refresh my mind on and we will print this one day. It’s odd how God seems to reveal some stories.