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Freedom is Never Free Snellville Veterans Memorial Dedication


Freedom is Never Free 
Snellville Veterans Memorial Dedication

“We are honoring veterans of all wars and all times. We are the free-est and most liberated country in the history of humanity. 
William Larkins, 1962-1967, Air Force

Snellville Veteran’s Memorial - Freedom is Never Free

Veteran Tom Witts delivering the dedication speech of the Snellville Veteran’s Memorial on May 24, 2014. It is located in front of Snellville City Hall at the intersection of Oak Road and Hwy 78.



Ralph Mullens, Army, Retired 30 Years, Vietnam
Ralph and his grandson, Zach Kemp show the bumper markings and call sign “Pink Panther” from Ralph’s Unit in Vietnam. “I am very proud to be here at this memorial dedication today with my grandson. He is here on the first weekend of his summer break instead of out with friends; it shows that our veterans are not forgotten.” 

Daryl “Ghost” Chandler,
Afghanistan, Active

“Since I have moved to a small town with my family, I have come to appreciate this kind of small town support. I like seeing all these young people showing respect for this generation.”


Bob Diehl,
Vietnam, 1967-1969
“This gives us somesignificance; some value. The memorial is a statement that freedom isn’t free. It is a tool so that people understand why we went to war.”


Harry Khachadourian, Vietnam
“For me, in a way it is a culmination of what has gone on in wars. Hopefully, the younger generation will recognize the value and ask more questions of the senior military generation. Hopefully, they will learn and the seniors will see that they have not been forgotten.”



Kristofer Kemp, Army Iraq August 2005-December 2006
“The memorial being in Snellville feels right to me because my family is from here. It has been a long time in coming and to celebrate this eternal flame on a weekend like this is right.”

William Larkins,
1962-1967, Air Force

“We are honoring veterans of all wars and all times. We are the free-est and most liberated country in the history of humanity. Not because of our constitution, laws, courts, or president; but because of the men and women willing to put themselves in harm’s way. The moment they quit doing that, we will cease being free.” 


Bob Acker, Navy, 1965-67
“There are young men and womenputting lives on the line today and if we don’t remember and take care of them it will be a sad thing. The memorial says ‘Freedom is not free’ and that is the truth.”



Danny Pagan, Army, Panama, Desert Storm, Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq
“This memorial helps us to understand what veterans are about.”





Paul Pence, Desert Storm
“For a veteran, it really means a lot. When you get involved and build it, it means so much more.”
Jim Reedy, US Air Force
“This memorial is absolutely fine and we should all take a part in membering.”
Mike Hall, Army Reserve, 1963-1969
“I like that this memorial is close to home. Residents don’t have to travel across the country to be able to see a memorial.”
Corporal Ron Rodriguez, Army, 1st Gulf War, Active
“This memorial gives youth guidance to follow each generation of the military. Best thing I ever did was join the military; it taught me self- discipline and I grew up.” 

Kent “Spider” Khuen, Navy, 1958-68, 1980-90, Submariner
“They don’t have enough of these memorials around the country. This will help all the guys who have served and give them a rise. It is like they say-Some gave all, all gave some.”
Johnnie Porter, Army, Vietnam
“Memorials should be in every city and county. A memorial for veterans.”
PFC Andrew Van Otteran,
Marines, Active

“This weekend is about those who have died in service to our country. It is not about the people who are here now, but about those who have given the greatest sacrifice. This memorial is for the wives, the families – it is something we can return to them.”