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Fun, festivites and a special award at the Elisha Winn Fair Oct. 1-2, 2016

The Literacy Promotion Committee, Chaired by Debbie Houston, at the Philadelphia Winn Chapter NSDAR in Lawrenceville collected 475 books and gave away 391 at the Elisha Winn Fair October 1-2.

From left to right: Debbie Houston, Traci Zierk, Joyce Howard, Recording Secretary Valerie Craft, First Vice Regent Ann Story, National First Place Doll Craft Winner Sara Rawlins, Beverly Baker, HODAR Jeff Rawlins. Back row: HODAR Phil Howard.

GHS Plaque190Right: From left to right: Miriam Machida, PW Daughter, Editor Heritage Magazine GHS, Regent Kitty Watters, Registrar Elizabeth Jaeger, First Vice Regent Ann Story.

The remaining books were distributed among Goodwill, Fiesta de Libras, and a Haitian Church collecting goods for the people of Haiti after Hurricane Matthew (children’s books and school supplies). 

2016 Valerie Clark 440They also offered brochures with names of literacy organizations that help families who may have a member who cannot read or write, and flyers listing Gwinnett churches that offer free ESL classes for our immigrant population. 
DAR Literacy EWF190
Left: DAR Promotes Literacy Banner

Daughters were gratified to discover that kids and grownups alike still love to read! Members were encouraged to  replenish their book supplies, because they will do it again next year! 

In addition to the fun and festivities of the day, Philadelphia Winn Chapter was honored with a plaque from the Gwinnett Historical Society for their sponsorship of the grant award to seal the exterior of the One-Room Schoolhouse and Barn at the Elisha Winn property.  Registrar Elizabeth Jaeger was the spokesperson for the Special Projects Grant Dedication Ceremony. 

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