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GCPS seeks input in review of AKS for mathematics, science, fine arts, health and PE, and career and technical education

GCPS seeks input in review of AKS for mathematics, science, fine arts, health and PE, and career and technical education

(GCPS) invites parents, community members,and GCPS staff members to participate in the school district’s review of the curriculum. The public can participate via an online review of proposed AKS and an online survey, offering feedback on new AKS (Academic Knowledge and Skills) standards that have been developed to align the curriculum with the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS), as well as AKS for new courses. The review begins Oct. 15 and runs through Friday, October 31.



Review of AKS addresses a new high school course in Mathematics, three Science courses, and 10 Fine Arts courses GCPS continues its work to align its local curriculum with the state’s CCGPS. The current review will address the following new CCGPS-aligned courses:

Statistical Reasoning

Scientific Research IV

Fine Arts:
Sculpture II
Sculpture III
Pottery II
Pottery III
Drawing and Painting II
Photo II
Graphic Design II
Jewelry and Metalworking II
Middle School Theatre Productions
Fundamentals of Theatre II

Review includes 60 Physical Education and Health and 98 Career and Technical Education courses

AKS under review for 60 Health and PE courses include the following:
K-8 Health
K-8 Physical Education
High School Health
First Aid and Safety
Introductory Team Sports
Intermediate Team Sports
Advanced Team Sports
Introductory Lifetime Sports
Intermediate Lifetime Sports
Advanced Lifetime Sports
Introductory Track and Field
Intermediate Track and Field
Advanced Track and Field
Introductory Outdoor Education
Intermediate Outdoor Education
Advanced Outdoor Education
Introductory Recreational Games
Intermediate Recreational Games
Advanced Recreational Games
Introductory Gymnastics Stunts and Tumbling
Intermediate Gymnastics Stunts and Tumbling
Advanced Gymnastics Stunts and Tumbling
Aerobic Dance
Intermediate Aerobic Dance
Advanced Aerobic Dance
Introductory Rhythmics and Dance
Intermediate Rhythmics and Dance
Advanced Rhythmics and Dance
Body Sculpting
Advanced Body Sculpting
Personal Fitness
Advanced Exercise and Weight Control
Advanced Personal Fitness
Advanced Physical Conditioning
Advanced Weight Training
Exercise and Weight Control
General Physical Education I
General Physical Education II
General Physical Education III
General Physical Education IV
Physical Conditioning
Theory in Physical Education
Weight Training
Principles of Athletic Training / Sports Medicine

In addition, AKS for the following 98 Career and Technical Education courses will be reviewed:
3-D Modeling
6th grade Healthcare Science
6th grade Marketing
7th grade Healthcare Science
7th grade Marketing
8th grade Healthcare Science
8th grade Marketing
Advanced AC and DC Circuits
Advanced Fashion, Merchandising, and Retailing
Advanced Graphic Design
Advanced Graphic Output Processes
Advanced Sports and Entertainment Marketing
Animal Science Technology & Biotechnology
Applications of Biotechnology
Applications of Firefighting
Applications of Health Information Technology
Applications of Public Health
Applications of the Law
Appropriate and Alternative Energy
Architectural Drawing and Design I 
Architectural Drawing and Design II
Audio Video Technology and Film II
Audio Video Technology and Film III
Automobile Service Technology Internship
Banking, Investing & Insurance
Business and Technology
Business Communication
Carpentry I
Clinical Lab I
Computer Science Principles
Contemporary Issues in Education
Cosmetology Services II
Cosmetology Services III
Criminal Investigations
Criminal Justice Essentials
Culinary Arts I
Culinary Arts II
Digital Design
Digital Electronics
Early Childhood Education II
Early Childhood Education III
Early Childhood Education Practicum
Emergency Medical Responder
Energy & Power Technology
Engineering Applications
Engineering Concepts
Essentials of Biotechnology
Essentials of Fire and Emergency Services
Essentials of Health Information Technology
Essentials of Healthcare
Essentials of Legal Services
Fashion, Merchandising and Retailing Essentials
Financial Literacy
Food for Life
Food Science
Forensic Science and Criminal Investigations
Fundamentals of Fashion
Government and Public Administration: Local and State Issues
Government and Public Administration: State and Federal Issues
Graphic Design and Production
Health Information Management Medical Office
Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning Refrigeration
Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism Essentials
Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism Management
Human Resources Principles
Information Technology Essentials
Information Technology Support
Introduction to Construction
Introduction to HVACR Systems
Introduction to Metals
Introduction to Sports & Entertainment Marketing
Legal Environment of Business
Maintenance and Light Repair 2
Maintenance and Light Repair 3
Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Marketing Communications Essentials
Marketing Management
Networking Fundamentals
Networking Systems and Support
Non-Structural Analysis and Damage Repair I
Non-Structural Analysis and Damage Repair II
Painting and Refinishing I
Painting and Refinishing II
Patient Care Fundamentals
Patient Care Technician
Principles of Accounting I
Principles of Accounting II
Programming, Games, Apps and Society
Promotion & Professional Sales
Robotics and Automated Systems
Sheet Metal I
Sports Medicine
Survey of Engineering Graphics
Teaching as a Profession Practicum
Textile Science
Veterinary Science
Welding I

Feedback on this school year’s AKS review may be submitted via the survey, through an e-mail to, or by U.S. mail to:
Curriculum Development Office
437 Old Peachtree Rd. NW
Suwanee, Georgia 30024.

Participants in the AKS review should note the following information in their narrative comments:

Proposed AKS Information to include File Name (i.e., Proposed Statistical
Reasoning), Grade Level, AKS Number
Comment about course in general or specific AKS
Suggested change
Rationale for suggested change

Comments will be accepted through Friday, October 31.