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Georgia Ranks No. 29 in Money Spent on Prescription Drugs

A new study found Georgia residents rank No. 29 in the country, spending $1,519.86 per capita annually on prescription drugs.

The cost of prescription drugs is a growing problem, especially for seniors. Nearly half of Americans take at least one prescription medication, but that number jumps to 90% for seniors.

TheSeniorList today released a study on Which States’ Residents Spend The Most On Prescriptions.

The study analyzed the most recent data from the Kaiser Family Foundation, GoodRx and the National Conference on State Legislatures.

In total, Georgia residents spend a combined $15,851,195,571 annually. Texans spend the most in total with a combined $42,654,887,062 spent annually.

The study revealed the following national findings:

1000%: Increase in inflation-adjusted per-capita spending on prescription drugs since 1960.
125%: Amount Delaware residents pay more than Californians per-capita. (First and last on list)
$52,232: The most-costly drug per month is Actimmune $52,232 which treats Osteopetrosis.
U.S. Pays More Than Other Countries: Humira is one of many examples in the study. The drug costs $2,669 in the U.S., $1,362 in the U.K. and $822 in Switzerland.

As our country ages, we must lower the cost of prescription drugs, especially for seniors who may need multiple prescriptions while on a fixed income.