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Get back on your feet again with renewed hope

The car turned left quickly, not noticing the motorcycle coming at 60+ mph in the oncoming lane.  The head-on collision sent me flying 200 feet through the air, breaking nearly every bone on the left side of my body. The helicopter ride was quick, but the recovery seemed like an eternity.

Amanda G. Pilz, PT, Promotion Therapy

After 4 surgeries, my left side was rebuilt with metal rods and plates from my hip to my foot, my left shoulder was reconstructed too. I referred to it as “my dead leg”. I didn’t know if I would ever walk again.

After 3 months in a hospital bed, a month in a wheelchair, I finally got up on crutches and visited ProMotion Physical Therapy in Grayson. At first, I couldn’t even touch my left foot to the ground. I couldn’t use my left arm at all.  The muscles were jelly, the joints were swollen and immobile. The pain was intense.  Amanda Pilz, PT, MPT and Carrie Shamburger, PTA started the long process of physical therapy over the next 10 months, at first with simple mobilizations and easy exercises to gain strength and range of motion.  

Amanda and Carrie pushed me, made me sweat. They stretched me to the limit every week. They challenged me to work hard at home.  This team of therapists built up my confidence and celebrated my progress every week. They gave me encouragement during those weeks I thought I was regressing and felt like giving up.  The therapists at ProMotion Physical Therapy see the big picture. Amanda developed a specific PT plan that fit my situation with a realistic timeline. She educated me about my muscles and my joints. She taught me exercises to do at home and while at work.  I looked forward to PT every week because they gave me hope.  

Now in hind sight, I can see the big picture too.  The picture includes me walking my daughter down the aisle at her wedding only six months after the accident!  I hiked Tallulah Gorge with my boys!  Now I travel, ride mountain bikes, and even play volleyball every week! I am truly blessed to have survived. I thank ProMotion Physical Therapy for getting me back on my feet again! 

ProMotion Physical Therapy
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